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Tim Wilson - He's My Brother In-law (Chord)
Submitter: kminer (4) on 3/15/02
Month Views: 14 | Total Views: 3,986
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Tim sometimes does this song in G, but the most popular version is in C

Verse 1

He comes over to  the house in a three day beard.

Sleeps on the couch and makes the place smell weird.

C                                           G
He's on somethin' and it damn sure ain't a job.

He scares the kids and stays on the phone,

He's got a car somewhere for me to co-sign on.

C                              G                  C
He's been dis-owned, and his wife's run off with Bob.

She finally told him he wasn't worth a damn,

       C                                                              G
He tries to blame it all on Vietnam, but he wasn't there he was 12 in 74'

And he's had a bad back and a messy divorce,

He's got a workman's comp case tied up in court.

C                        G               C
He can't move and I can sure vouch for that.


C                                     F
He's my brother in-law, He's from Arkansas.

               C                                       G
Lord the best man at my weddin' and the worst I ever saw.

                   C                            F  
He's livin' off of me, He's the baby of the family.

           C                           G                  C
My wife won't let me shoot him cause' he's my brother in-law.

Verse 2

Everyday  he smokes four packs of menthols,

Makes about eight more long distance calls,

c                                    G
Snorts alchohol, talks like Dusty Rhodes.

And he'll go thru your wallet with a fine tooth comb,

And eat your family out of house and home.

C                                G                  C
He'll cuss out your preacher, and stop up your Commode

Chorus 2

C                                                   F
He's your brother in-law, he's got nothin' on the ball,

                      C                                             G
The kind of man who would rob from Peter and write a bad check to Paul.

                      C                              F
He's gottin' out of hand, he ought to be a congress-man,

                            C                  G                   C         
He's the kind of fellow that I can't stand and he's my brother in-law.

    F                 C              G                   C
Oh Yeah..He's the generic brand and he's my brother in-law.

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