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Tim Wilson - Living On A Gas Card (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (80) on 12/9/03
Month Views: 9 | Total Views: 2,585
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Tim Wilson
Album: Hillbilly Homeboy

Intro: (G)  (G)

You threw me (G) out, I've been sleeping in the (D) Quick Mart parking (G) lot
I got a bag of dog food for a pillow - (A) Campin' in the handicap (D) spot
Ab(G)dul - the cashier - isn't sick of me yet
Gives me (C) girlie-magazines and cigarrettes
I've eat e(G)nough pickled eggs, to (D) start a dill chicken (G) farm

Honey, (C) you got me living on a gas card
I (G) hope you're doing well
(C) Tell the bank account I said hello
And tell your (A) lawyer to go to Sh(D)ell
I'll be the (C) purple-tongued bum with the (G) grape snow cone
And the double (C) X ass whuppin' for (G) him to try on
He took my (C) house and my kids and (G) crap like that
Got the (A) Quick Mart card, and the (D) Earnhardt hat

We were (G) both in court, when div(D)orce judge struck the (G) deal
She said if I'd stay 100 feet away from you, you'd (D) pay this cotton pickin'  _________
gas card bill
A (G) hundred dollar credit limit buys a lot of Slim Jims
A (C) lot of potted meat, and a mess of M&M's
But, (G) bread and Beanie Weenies ain't exac(D)tally high on the (G) hog

You got me (C) living on a cotton pickin' gas card
I (G) hope you're doing fine
You got the (C) Honey Baked Ham on the MasterCharge
I got the (A) Thanksgiving pork (D) rinds
I'm the (C) heartbroke defendant with the (G) Quick Mart blues
Livin' (C) on Lance crackers and (G) YooHoo's
Don't (C) hang up the phone..oh, (G) no...wait
(A) Double check the expir(D)ation date


"Mr. Wilson. Are you being sure this card is still good? Well, Abdul, I practially 
live here. And since we're gettin' so gaul-darn techincal about identification,
why don't you pull out your passport? Just ring up the gummy bears, and
shut up about it"

Fade out... 
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