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Toby Keith - American Soldier (tab) (Tab)
Album: Shock'n Y'All (2003)
Submitter: xdrewx (3) on 6/22/04 12 comments
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American Soldier (tab)
Toby Keith

sorry. i didn't have much time so i didn't tab it 
out for each chord, but this is the main pattern.
just use this pattern throught the rest of the chords.   


E ----------------------------------------------------------------
B -1-----1---------3-----3---------1-----1---------3-----3--------
G ---0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0----
D -----2-------2-------2-------2-------2-------2-------2-------2--
A -3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3------
E ----------------------------------------------------------------

i'll get a sound clip of this up soon.
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
How about not posting a tab until you do have time! I just wasted a click!
-0697pat | 9/18/2004
I wasted a click 2 damn it!

-LoneWolf14 | 10/30/2004
Stop Whining and figure it out yourself. Great Job getting us started. Thank you for tabbing such a great song. I play it too my Soldiers when I get the chance and you should see the reaction I get. SSG Scott Greene. US Army 101st ABN
-sgatordoc | 12/18/2004
i think it is pretty good but i am just a beginner so i dont know much my cousin is teaching me a little bit
-NW@horsefever | 1/4/2005
how about yall stop cussin and just appreciate his work i did not see yall try to do this song

in christ:jake
-giic7456231 | 2/13/2005
OWN3D! You got pwned n00b!
-Unheard_Choad | 3/23/2005
thanks for posting this tab, i play it for my sister in law who just lost her brother sgt. Jacob Simpson in iraq on may 16th it means alot to her!
-hoodenpyl09 | 6/1/2005
could someone plez tell me does the pick'n go 4 all chords?
-stinky_1000 | 6/3/2005
screw this tab. I just lost a click!
-gavrilnagarian | 9/20/2005
This tab is the biggest P-O-S I have ever seen! Please don't make people waste their clicks. Why take the time to post it if you can't take the time to get it right first, you make no sense! No wonder people are pissed at you!
-jackleal | 10/14/2005
at least i have submitted some of the tab for you to work on ... don't wanna "waste a click"? then subscribe to the site.

also, there is enough of this tab for any decent musician to be able to figure out the rest ...

you should be thankful for what you are give ... and at least i have submitted tabs.
-xdrewx | 10/15/2005
Hey whoever is critisizin this dude then u submit the tab 4 this smart***. hes worked hard 2 submit thie tab 4 an excellent song. well done m8, keep it up!

-jamesdacrazy | 2/16/2006
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