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Toby Keith - American Soldier (Chord)
Album: Shock'n Y'All (2003)
Submitter: buffdixie (12) on 11/5/03 41 comments
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Toby Keith - American Soldier 


Iím just tryiní to be a father, raise a daughter and a son
Be a lover to their mother, everythiní to everyone
Up and at Ďem bright and early, Iím all business in my suit
Yeah Iím dressed up for success, from my head down to my boots
I donít do it for money, thereís bills I that I canít pay
I donít do it for the glory, I just do it anyway
Providing for our futureís, my responsibility
Yeah Iím real good under pressure, being all that I can be
And I canít call in sick on Mondays when the weekendís been too strong
I just work straight through the holidays, and sometimes all night long
You can bet that I stand ready, when the wolf growls at the door
Hey Iím solid, hey Iím steady, hey Iím true down to the core.

And I will always do my duty no matter what the price
Iíve counted up the cost, I know the sacrifice
Oh and I donít want to die for you, but if dyinís asked of me
Iíll bear that cross with honor, cause freedom donít come free.

Iím an American Soldier an American
Beside my brothers and my sisters, I will proudly take a stand
When libertyís in jeopardy, I will always do whatís right

    A                            B
Iím out here on the front lines, sleep in peace tonight
D               E         A                 F#m D E
American Soldier, Iím and American, Soldier.

An American Soldier an American
Beside my brothers and my sisters, I will proudly take a stand
When libertyís in jeopardy, I will always do whatís right
    A                            B
Iím out here on the front lines, sleep in peace tonight
D                E        A            F#m          D    E    A
American Soldier, Iím and American, an American, an American, Soldier. 

F#m D E A F#m D E A

?'s buffdixie at 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Nice job, and posted the first day the CD was out, Too!
Thanks - Eric.
-eric_steinmetz | 11/5/2003
Good Job! This is my favorite song. Just
such powerful lyrics.
-bubbabud | 11/6/2003
Awesome song, I love to hear a song so
meaningful and powerful coming from Toby
Keith. I think this is one of the best songs
he's ever written/recorded.
-Shantel | 11/7/2003
Good job on this. This is a great song.
-MJSkywalkerJedi | 12/14/2003
as asoldier on my way to iraq, i think it is 1 of the greatest,
thanks for your support AMERICA!

-davemery1981 | 12/20/2003
Whatever you feel about T.K. This song is amazing and everytime I
play it I think of those fighting for me today. God bless AMERICA and
God bless her soldiers!

-Jonnyboy182 | 1/7/2004
To my daughter and all those who serve there country..GOD BLESS
-cibby | 1/7/2004
Hey man as a future Marine, you don't know how much this means to me
and the rest of the Devil Dogs down in San Antonio, so thanks a lot
for the efforts you put forth, Semper Fi!!

-warrior | 1/7/2004
This is definitely one of Toby Keith's best! Great job!
-petunia | 1/14/2004
I love this song by Toby it makes me cry every time i hear it
considering i am going to the army I leave aug 11,2003 thanks for
tabbin this song.
-guitarchick112 | 1/22/2004
Great job God bless America and all of her soldiers
-guitar162002 | 2/20/2004
what is the picking pattern for the song? i cant figure it out.

-jdphantom90 | 3/9/2004
what is the picking pattern for the song? i cant figure it out.

-jdphantom90 | 3/9/2004
This song speaks for all of us who know someone or ARE someone who
has a duty to defend this great land. The MA Air National Guard
thanks you for the tab. God Bless America

-bigski14 | 4/13/2004
I think this is a truly great song. As an American Soldier as I am,
getting ready to deploy overseas to serve my country, I think this
song suits everyone who serves to protect our freedom, and fight for
our rights to remain free.

-bran_cat | 4/19/2004
Great song. With out a doubt Toby Keith's best. It was this song,
day after day that gave me the motovation, determination, and drive
to do my best in Basic, and life.

-squirt | 4/26/2004
This is cleary Toby Keith's best song!
As a future USAF pilot, I think that this
song refers to anyone who is fighting for
our freedom here in the United States.
Toby Keith ~ YOU'RE THE MAN!
-Oceancitysurf77 | 5/1/2004
Anyone know the picking order to this song?
-EZFLY80 | 5/18/2004
perfect chords
-justinHarper | 6/26/2004
to all who serve GOD BLESS YOU, and to the person tabbing this , wow,
i played a different version b4 , but aftr playing your version i am
hooked great job on this!!

-mwiswell | 7/1/2004
To all those who are serving or about to, thank you for defending our
freedom and may God bless all of you!

-Country7896 | 7/4/2004
great job on the song...

and thanks to all our soldiers out there. I support you with all my heart and mind. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
-mattphoenix | 7/16/2004
this song is rad dude i love it
and i am love who made this
tab i feel like a pimp
becouse i can play it now and for
all those people going
out to war and fighting for
me god bless you and go
kick there asses over there make
them wish they never touch us and
everyone that reads this
and likes george w bush give me a HELL YEAH
!!!!!!!!!!!!! g-w-bush all the way
-nathan765 | 8/27/2004
THIS SONG IS THE BOMB!!! and the tabs are great!! thx alot!!!
-DiXiExxGuRlxx | 9/20/2004
i have not always been a big fan of
toby but when i heard this song i
was blown away. this really hit me
hard i respect everyone who fights
for this country and thank you so
much for that. My dream is to play
for the troops as a country star one
day, but i think a lot of us do. great
tab. and good job to toby to. god bless.
-jesse_woodside | 9/30/2004
nathan765 HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!
-HARDT0303 | 10/8/2004

-drsears | 11/12/2004
hey man, all the military police here in korea love this song and hearing it gets us motivated day by day. thanks for the great cords man.
-florida | 1/5/2005
Thanks Great Job!
-Rickey Joe | 2/10/2005
not that good[sorry]

-jtayon | 2/24/2005
That comment by Nathan, what does this song have to do with George Bush? After all, our American Soldiers wouldnt be having to face all this if he wouldn't of gone after Saddam? Why give him credit for a song about our soldiers? It's just like those bumper stickers saying support "PRESIDENT BUSH & our troops" with our troops in small letters. Besides that, a great song that means a lot to this soldier. Having a soldier die in your arms and than hearing all this talk of supporting President Bush, really it makes me sick. And for those of you who call President Bush a veteran, thats just as funny as John Kerry's purple Hearts.
-sherdsword | 3/4/2005
OK the thing is that people out in this damn world need to face, that GWB is the guy that is making us free and if it was not for him going to war we would of got atacked agian. After 911 you need to take every treat you get serusly and dont get me wrong i do think war makes no sense but there are some people in this world that break the law and dont belive in freedom and i think every one should be free in this damn world. and every one that thinks that too give me a HELL YEAH !!!!

-nathan765 | 4/11/2005
GOD BLESS ALL THE SOLDIERS OUT THERE!!! your making me free thanks so much!
-nathan765 | 4/19/2005
Hey, If G-W-Bush did not have the guts to do what he did, the american public would have forgotten 9/11. Clinton would not have fought this war, he was and is a liberal p***y. If you are going to support the troops and be a liberal then I hope that when the solders get back, they shoot you. Patriotism is a dying art in this country, people are content to sit in their big houses and whine about everything, when they could be more than happy. JUST SUPPORT THE TROOPS, WILL YA!
-jnsnstvn1 | 4/26/2005
i agree with the comments about GWB! im straight republican. and if you are whinin and complainin get out of the country. if you think the terrorist werent gonna come bomb us again go to Iraq. i mean they are bombin there own people why wouldnt they bomb us again! i mean we're only the superpower of the world and wut do you think the terrorist want to be. they are trying to get at us so they can be the superpower. so if you dont agree with GWB then get out of the country you dern liberals. This is one great song. my dad was in the Air Force and i thank God he never got hurt so if you dont like the song join the liberals and get out!
-mnulspninpencil | 5/26/2005
I love my Country...I would gladly die for America or a true American anyday...I don't always agree with our government, but being a true Patriot means supporting them...and I do.

"The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots."

Thomas Jefferson said that, and he was right. If our enemy is cowardly enough to attack a non-military target in a sneak attack, they deserve no mercy. Remember the people that died, then remember their families.

God bless America, our soldiers, their families and may He deal death to those cowardly bastards and any who support them.

I love my Country.
-mattphoenix | 5/30/2005
hooah this somg always gives me the chills and when i was deployed a few of us gathered at the ceremony and preformed this song and let me tell you. ya cnatpreform this bad because all your heart and soul goes into it. HOOAH fellow soldiers and god be with us
-SOLDIER1986 | 2/3/2006
No offence to the Bush fans ... But have you noticed how he changed the world , in a BAD WAY ?!?!? He is the biggest loser president , your country ever had ... And he managed to f**k up everything !!!! Honour and respect to soldiers , i am one myself , and have had 4 tours ... But Bush is the lamest joke on the planet ... I hope Obama will fix this up , and not become a loser like the previous president .... Bush = A zero .... Afraid to go on a hangership ?!?!? :S I never really understood that ..... The brave man , who according to his records , didn't even SERVE !!!!!!!!!! F**k Bush Jr. and Sr.
-ES | 1/20/2009
No offence to - mattphoenix , but saying :

" Thomas Jefferson said that, and he was right. If our enemy is cowardly enough to attack a non-military target in a sneak attack, they deserve no mercy. Remember the people that died, then remember their families. "

What about the families of Iraq and Afghanistan ? 1.3 million civilian casualties so far .... You call that fair ? That is nothing compared to the American casualties ...... I love America , but Bush was so f**ked up , when he just wanted payback , so he could get more money ... Everyone with just a tiny little brain , knows that the was is f**ked up , and should never have happened ... Total corruption .... Even the American soldiers , don't even know why they're even there !!!!! That should say a lot , and they've seen it first hand ...... I've seen it first hand as a Danish Soldier , and i didn't get it either ..... I never got the point of it .....
-ES | 1/20/2009
I play it with a capo, but this is good.
-tpmadden | 4/28/2009
Can someone please tell me the strumming sequence to Toby keiths American solider?

-17rissy | 12/29/2010
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