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Toby Keith - As Good As I Once Was (Chord)
Album: Honkytonk University (2005)
Submitter: RBrockus (3) on 5/12/05 16 comments
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                         Bb             C
She said, "I seen you in here before."
I said, "I been here a time or two."
                          Bb             C
She said,"Hello my name is Bobby Jo,
meet my twin sister betty lou.
                             Bb          C
And we're both feelin' kinda wild tonight,
you're the only cowboy in this place.
And if you're up for a rodeo,
I'll put a big texas smile on your face."

I said "girls....."

                     Bb                  C
I ain't as good as I once was
I got a few years on me now
                Bb               C
But there was a time, back in my prime
When I could really lay it down
                 Bb                       C
If you need some love tonight
                  F    F/E  Dm
Then I might have just enough
I ain't as good as I once was,
           C                Bb            F
But I'm as good, once, as I ever was


I still hang out with my best friend Dave
I've known him since we were kids at school
Last night he had a few shots,
Got in a tight spot
Hustlin' a game of pool
With a couple of redneck boys
One great big fat biker man
I David yell across the room
"Hey buddy, how bout a helpin' hand?"

I said Dave.....

I ain't as good as I once was
My how the years have flown
But there was a time, back in my prime
When I could really hold my own
If you want to fight tonight
Guess those boys don't look all that tough
I ain't as good as I once was,
But I'm as good, once, as I ever was

             Eb             Bb
I used to be hell on wheels
Back when I was a younger man
Now my body say's you can't do this boy
But my pride say's oh yes you can

I ain't as good as I once was
Thats just the cold hard truth
I still throw a few back, talk a little smack
When I'm feelin bullet proof
So don't double dog dare me now
Cause I'd have to call your bluff
I ain't as good as I once was,
But I'm as good, once, as I ever was
Hey, I ain't as good as I once was
But I'm as good, once, as I ever was

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The last line in the chorus is "but I was good once, as I ever was"
-BrianEarlHaines | 5/16/2005
Nope, he has that lyric right.

I just wanted to mention that I saw Toby play this live with a capo on 2, simple c/d/g.
-DJ_Smith | 5/17/2005
I saw him play on ACM awards with a capo on 2 also. Can anyone figure out the rest of the chords beside C,D and G? thanks
-richs | 5/18/2005
this is agreat song good job!
-peaceallover | 5/18/2005
Where there's a Dm, play Em, where there's a G, play A, where there's an E-flat, play F. That should get you pretty close.
-brianhuxman | 5/19/2005
Tune your guitar to 440 and play capo 3rd frett. This will match the recorded release from Honky Tonk U.
-jes_playin | 5/22/2005
The last 2 lines are : May not be good as I once was, but i'm as good once as I ever was.
-jes_playin | 5/22/2005
excellent job on this song...could someone please show me the fingering for the Bb/D chord in the bridge after the Eb? thanks in advance...
-njdevilsb | 6/7/2005
LOL I don't even remember where that came from.....we're are just playing a straight Bb...I just changed the tab......sowwy
-RBrockus | 6/7/2005
I saw him play it in D without a Capo at the CMA awards for the US Troops a few weeks back.
-DB16 | 6/15/2005
I think the last two lines on the chorus are

I ain't as good as I once was,
But I'm as good, once, as I ever was

Thanks to all for a great job !
Sorry for the missplaced chords the Gm is played at "once"
-Renegade | 8/9/2005
I have one comment......ppl that have never summited a tab, please do one of your own and quit correcting everybody elses, ty......... and for the encouraging comments, TY sooooo much :)
-RBrockus | 8/9/2005
I think the chords are right perfect. Thanks for figuring it out so i dont have too, haha. Doesn't matter to me that toby uses a capo, this way is just as good if not better
-eddojullio | 12/2/2005
This song is much easier and sounds alot like the recording when playing with a Capo on the 2nd fret. During the awards and in some of his live performances he plays capo 2nd.
-madtabber | 12/20/2005
Why don't yall just buy the song book? Toby
-swampmusicman | 1/9/2006
now Ive only been playin' 'bout 6 months, so if anyone wants to correct my understandin' please help a brother out. but I thought if you capo up (say like 2) then you'd play 2 notes lower IE.. Bb(no capo)--->A (capo2) C--->B F--->E And so on. Im only saying this 'cause im not quite sure where the c,d,g comes in.. Im not correct'n no one y'all so don't jump in the middle of my cow pie... Thanks.. Shantel rocks!!!
-reddnecckk | 1/20/2006
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