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Toby Keith - Ballad Of Balad (Chord)
Album: American Ride (2009)
Submitter: bigdogdaddy (0) on 10/6/09
Month Views: 207 | Total Views: 6,305
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Toby Keith
Album- American Ride 
‘’Ballad of Balad’’

Into D

D 	  	  	  	     G                   D
I quit school in the 10th grade and grew out my hair
 	  	       E 	  	 A
Got me a job doin’ lawnmower repair
    D 	  	  	  	     D7 	    G
I met an army recruiter down at the Winn Dixie
 	 D 	  	  	     A 	  	 D
He said son you’ve no future pack up and go with me

D 	  	  	        G 	  	 D
First place we landed was a base called Balad 
 	  	  	           E 	  	 A
They conveyed our asses to a 10 acre F.O.B.
D 	  	  	  	 D7           G
With my boots and my cover and an old m16
D 	  	  	   A 	 D
Two bottles of water and a cold M.R.E.

 	 G 	  	  	  	   D 	  	 G
O you’ll meet lots of new friends and your sure to get paid
 	 D 	  	  	       E 	  	 A
We’ll show you the world and we’ll teach you a trade
         	 G 	  	  	  	 D 	 G
It’s not a job, it’s an adventure, Oh yes sir I got that
 	 D 	  	  	        A              D
Ah but you never told me I’d get my ass shot at
 	  	  	           A 	           D
You never told me I’d get my ass shot at

First night in combat we went out on patrol
They ambushed our convoy and we chased the a*****e
We found them all hidin’ in low water ditches
We took aim and killed all them son of a b***hes


Walked in on my buddy with a female M.P.
The ugliest woman you ever did see
He said why are you laughin’ you’ve got lots of nerve
Over here in the dessert we grade on a curve

Repeat last line
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