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Toby Keith - Beer For My Horses (Chord)
Album: Unleashed (2002)
Submitter: Super247365 (1) on 7/29/02 31 comments
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Capo on 1st

Verse 1
        A              D           A         
Well a man come on the 6 o'clock news
       A                         E            A  
Said somebody's been shot, somebody's been abused.
           A                            D      A
Somebody blew up a building, somebody stole a car.
       A                     E              A       
Somebody got away, somebody didn't get too far.
    F#m            E       A  
Yeah, they didn't get too far.
      A                            D        A       
Grandpappy told my pappy, "Back in my day, son,
   A                          E              A  
A man had to answer for the wicked that he done.
      A                            D        A    
Take all the rope in Texas find a tall oak tree,
          A                           E            A
Round up all them bad boys, hang 'em high in the street
F#m                E       A 
    For all the people to see that

  E                                    D     A
Justice is the one thing you should always find.
            D             A               E           A  
You gotta saddle up your boys, you gotta draw a hard line.
            E                           D       A
When the gunsmoke settles we'll sing a victory tune
       D        A            E      A   
We'll all meet back at the local saloon.
        A                     D           A  
We'll raise up our glasses against evil forces singin,
    G            D                 A
"Whiskey for my men, Beer for my horses."


Verse 2
        A                     D        A
We got too many gangsters doin dirty deeds.
           A                             E             A
We've got too much corruption too much crime in the streets
                A                        D    
It's time the long arm of the law put a few more in the 

          A                              E        A     
Send 'em all to their maker and he'll settle 'em down
F#m                      E         A  
    You can bet he'll settle 'em down cause


   G             D                 A    
Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses.



 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
This song kicks ASS!!!!!!
-singingstud54 | 2/16/2003
the person was drunk when he wrote the above message but this song
will be a classic!!!!
-singingstud54 | 2/16/2003
this is the best song Toby Keith has ever done!

-singingstud54 | 2/16/2003
Good Job, very accurate, well written,and easy to read!!!!
-sweet j | 4/11/2003
I bought the CD about a year before they started playing it on the
radio. The first time I heard it I knew it would go to #1. Well
written. Good job!
-jimw | 5/8/2003
had to say I wished they would handle the laws like they used too in
the old days. Alot of this crime wouldn't happen.
-Ruba_bob | 5/22/2003
Excellent tab to go along with a great song, and video.
-Tricky023 | 5/24/2003
Thanks for the nice tab.Hell I can evan play this one.Now if I could only sing worth a crap.
-skitz918 | 5/29/2003
great tab. what is the fingering for that f#m?
-duketillidie919 | 5/31/2003
i believe it is as follows:
-dollarbill | 6/2/2003
Wonder what this would be like without the capo?..anyone like to have a go?..Wayne
-WayneXG95 | 6/19/2003
It would just sound a 1/2 step lower. If you
wanted to stay in the same key you would
have to play A# instead...or tune down 1/2
-lmofle | 6/19/2003
Actually F#m is like this:
-guitaristonfire | 6/30/2003
You know, if you are poor (like me) this tends to be really hard to play
without a capo, but it sounds perfect, even if I have to bar the first
fret. Good job man, thanks for the tab.
-simskid | 7/1/2003
yup, im just another person havin to say "great tab" ...hehe *two thumbs up*
-GeetarPikinGirl | 7/7/2003
actually the first f#m is correct
-ndccar | 7/14/2003
i believe the second is a b add9
-ndccar | 7/14/2003
I think Toby Keith is one of the !nu country stars, who knows to write 4 his guys ,

Toby & Willie rock azzez

greez from germany ;>
-krautsalat | 7/21/2003
yeah it rocked, i played to the song
and had no problems, on the part of the
we'll meet back at the local saloon was a
lil tricky but worked out fine
-rubbersoul | 7/27/2003
Sounds good to me...Song is hopelessly cheesy, but I guess that's what makes it great, right?
-not_staying | 8/12/2003
Great song. I have looked on almost every tab sight to find this and
so far this is the only one. Great chord progression. Nice work.

-actionland | 10/5/2003
I sat down and learned this by ear before seein the tab. I found it
capo's at the third. try it with g c d g e c g and the chorus hook
of f c g for the Wiskey for my men line

-icer1968 | 11/2/2003
How about a little credit for Scotty Emerick and Chuck Cannon the
writers that are making toby look good.

-justdon | 12/17/2003
Sorry justdon but it's not all scott emerick and chuck gannon that
are makin toby look good. yeah they do a great job writing the
songs (and scott performing), but they aren't the only ones who make
him look so good. toby writes his own songs, too, and he has to do
more with his own looking good than anyone else

-Super247365 | 12/20/2003
Looking at a chord dictionary to clear this up, F#m is one of two common frettings

e--2 or e--2
b--2 b--2
g--2 g--2
d--4 d--4
a--4 a--x
E--2 E--x
Both ways give a good sound but the first is a lot fuller
-Deabo67 | 2/16/2004
this song was nothing w/o willie nelson, i heard toby try to do it on
cmt, he sucked, willie made this song good

-rabbiweisman | 5/6/2004
-beduckman | 8/29/2004
very well written
-jtayon | 2/12/2005
this songs awsome?
-cm8467 | 2/17/2005
and the tab is in b flat too smart guy

did you miss the part about the capo?
-runey777 | 2/21/2005
Willie Nelson makes this awesome, and this song is one of my FAVORITE songs! I love this song.
-pollofrito | 11/4/2005
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