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Toby Keith - Big Blue Note (Chord)
Album: Honkytonk University (2005)
Submitter: lmofle (715) on 7/18/05 2 comments
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Big Blue Note 
By Toby Keith
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

         C        Am         F            G
See that big blue note, over there on the counter
C                    Am                      F            G
You don't wanna read that thing, man, it's a real get-you-downer
C                  Am                F         G
But don't you dare say nothin' else, bad about her
C          Am  F  G
She's gone

No, no, no, no, don't, don't throw it away, 'Cause tonight, I might need it
It gets real lonely around here at night some times, and I have to reread it
Besides, you can show it to the boys down town They won't believe that 
She's gone

                   F          Em
There used to be a time I was all she ever wanted
F                G           C
All the man that she'll ever need
               F              Em 
I come home to find just like that she's up and vanished
        F                              G
And the only thing she left behind for me

Is this big blue note, folded up in my pocket
Yeah, don't laugh, it's been two months, I still got it
Sometimes I have to read the sucker twice just to make sure I ain't forgot that 
She's gone

You know, my psychiatrist said, "Tell me, what do you see
"When you look at these inkspots, "Of, uh, reds, yellows and greens?"
You know, I looked at 'em all, but they all looked to me like 
Big blue notes



Is stand high on this cliff, overlooking the sea
With my big blue notepaper airplane, that I just set free
Now I'm gonna wait here a few more minutes, and if it don't come back to me, you guessed it
She's gone

Crash landing
Bye bye, baby
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
In the chorus the first 2 D's ar supposed to be A's i think. I'm new at the guitar so my ears could be decieving me.
-jonescm | 7/16/2005
i love this song. good job sounds great!!
tobys commin to dallas this saturday!! yeehawwww!!!!!
-Htownusa | 9/29/2005
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