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Tom T. Hall - Everything From Jesus To Jack Daniels (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (467) on 9/5/11
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Everything From Jesus To Jack Daniels
By Tom T Hall
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Capo 2

    G                               C
You wake up in the morning, drink a beer and take a Valium
           G                                              D
And you're trying to forget about the things you did last night
G                                        C
Flip through the morning paper, read the horoscope and the comics
          G                               D           G 
You're as well informed as anybody on the left or the right

You make it to your job and hear Atlanta lost another
How can you lose while making half a million bucks or near
The old man who sweeps the floor and wears a big blue Reagan button
Says the Russians are a-coming but they've been here for years

       C                             G
Trying everything from Jesus to Jack Daniels
         D                G
It's the all new American diet
       C                             G
Trying everything from Jesus to Jack Daniels
        C                G             D            G
You get on it and you're on it for the rest of your life

There's a story in the paper about a man who killed his family
He jumped off a bridge because he couldn't take it anymore
Down at the local tavern a young man comes in limpin'
And he claims that he's a veteran of the Falkland Islands war

You head home and you're accosted by a youngster wearin' robes
And wanting money for his God who sits upon a plastic throne
You ignore him if you can and make it to the local tavern
Where you order up a drink and give some money to your own


There's a man in Tennessee who's got it figured out completely
I guess that he's as happy as a thinking man can be
I asked him what he thought and he said brother let me tell you
Try a little bit of both and leave out everything in between

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