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Trace Adkins - Then They Do (capo) (Chord)
Album: Trace Adkins Greatest Hits Collection, Vol. 1 (2003)
Submitter: WildCard76 (80) on 8/9/20
Month Views: 48 | Total Views: 182
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Trace Akinds
Album: Greatest Hits Collection, Volume 1
Submitted by: Christopher R.

Capo 1st Fret (To Match Recording)

Intro: (E) (Esus) (E) (E2) (E) (Esus) (E) (Asus) (A) (Asus) (A)   
In the (Asus) early rush of (A) morning
Trying to (Asus) nget the kids to (A) school
One's (D2) hangin' on my shirt tail
The other's locked up in her room
And I'm (Esus) yellin' up the stairs
"Stop (E) worrying about your hair, you look (A2) fine" (A) (D/E) (E7)

Then they're (Asus) fightin' in the (A) back seat
And I'm (Asus) playing refer(A)ee
Now (D2) someone's gotta go
The moment that we leave
And (Esus) everybody's late
I (E) swear I can't wait 'til they grow (A2) up (A) (D/E) (E) (D/E) 

  Then they (Bm/A) do (A)
  And that's how it (Bm/F#) is (F#m7)
  It's just (E) quiet in the morning
  Can't bel(D)ieve how much you (D/E) miss
  All they (Bm/A) do (A)
  And all they (Bm/F#) did (F#m7)
  You want (E) all the dreams they've dreamed of to come (D) true (E)
  Then they (Bm/A) do (A)

Now the youngest is starting college
She'll be leaving in the fall
And Brianna's latest boyfriend
Called to ask if we could talk
And I've got the impression
That he's about the pop the question any day

I look over at their pictures
Sittin' in their frames
I see them as babies
I guess that'll never change
You pray all their lives
That someday they will find happiness

Repeat Chorus 

(D) No more (E/D) Monday PTAs (D)
No more car(E/D)pools or soccer ga(F#m7)mes
Your work is done
(D) Now you've got (E/D) time that's all your (D) own
You've been (E/D) waiting for so (Bm7) long
For those (D/E) days to come

Repeat Chorus 

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