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Travis Meadows - Learning How To Live Alone (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (651) on 11/5/16
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Learning How To Live Alone
By Travis Meadows
Written by Travis Meadows
CD: Killin' Uncle Buzzy (2011)
Tabbed by Larry Mofle

Requested by: arthur.baird0 at on 7/22/2016

Travis plays this in open tuning but I've tabbed this for standard tuning

Capo 1

G                           D
I need to clean up this old house
G                          D 
I need to take the garbage out
G                           Bm
My boys coming over for the weekend
I can't wait to see him

G                        D
We'll order out watch cartoons
G                                   D
Build a big 'ole fort in the living room
G                     Bm
He's only eight years old
He don't know

       D            D/F#
I stay home a lot, alone a lot
      G                                 D     A 
And I try to turn the lights off around ten o'clock
D                   D/F#
I read some, hit my knees some
G                                Asus4 A 
I don't what to do with all this free--dom
    Bm          Bm/A              G
The TV keeps me company when he's gone
    G               A    D  A  G
I'm learning how to live a-l-ooone

My old friends don't come around
We all choose sides when the ship goes down
I outgrew my reputation
I'm on vacation

Ain't had a drink in seven months
To tell the truth, I ain't wanted one
The holidays got pretty rough, though
I came so close


D            D/F# 
Every night, might be just what I need
  G                                  A   
I think this whole thing will wind up being good for me

Chorus 2:
I sleep good, eatin' pretty good
And I'm doin' better than I thought I ever would
I read some, try to hit my knees some
And I pay my health a little more attention
At this point it don't matter who was wrong

     Bm               Bm/A          G
It's time for growin' up and movin' on
    G               A    D  A  G
And learning how to live a-l-ooone 
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