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Travis Tritt - Anymore (Tab)
Album: It's All About to Change (1991)
Submitter: kevinduren99 (0) on 5/8/02 10 comments
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h = hammer  
Capo  at  fret 4 (these numbers are relative to the capo)

Here is the Intro:

       G              Gmaj7                           C (add 9)      


         G                   D             C        D
I canít hide the way I feel about you...Anymore. 

         G                               D                        C  (the fill)D
I canít hold the hurt inside... keep the pain out of my eyes...Anymore.

C                    D       C                                D  
My tears no longer waiting... My resistance ainít that strong... 

C                 D          D7         D#dim   Em  
My mind keeps recreating...A life with you     alone. 
         C          D        C         D 
And Iím tired of pretending...I donít love you Anymore. 

G     Gmaj7    Cadd9     C

Let me make one last appeal... to show you how I feel...about you, Uh-huh. 
Cause thereís no one else I swear... holds a candle to you, Uh-huh. 
My heart canít take the beating...not having you to hold... 
A small voice keeps repeating...deep inside my soul... 
It says I canít keep pretending...I donít love you Anymore. 

Iíve got to take the chance or let it pass by... 
If I expect to get on with my life... 
Ooooo Oooooo 
Ooooo Yeahhh 
My tears no longer waiting... 
Oooooo My resistance ainít that strong... 
Oh My mind keeps recreating...A life with your alone. 
And Iím tired of pretending... 
I donít love you anymore...

The Fill
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
One correction to the intro. After the G chord, the sixth note
picked should be the B string, 3rd fret, not 2nd fret. What a great

-CabinFolk | 10/14/2002
oops... you are correct...had a little b5 action by accident. Kevin
-kevinduren99 | 10/15/2002
As far as the "life with you alone part", both versions have
a little something wrong with them...Travis plays a B major (realtive
to the capo on 4) there, as in, the full bar chord. I dunno about D7
and D#o7's and stuff like that, but I know beyond a doubt he uses B.
Just play it, you'll see, like this:

My mind keeps recreating
B Em
a life with you alone

That's it. I agree, great song, pretty good job on the rest of the
tab, although it might be a little better if it had the solo. Not to
criticize, of notice I haven't posted a tab, lol, more
power to ya!

Happy pickin'!
-Smoothie7745 | 12/20/2002
good but try instead of

--0-------------- try

--------0------------- it works muck
-----0--------------- better try that
---0----------------- on every thing
and i mean everything happy picking
-bear7037385 | 4/3/2003
The life with you alone part goes from c to D to B7 to em.

I will be glad to tab this whole song if someone request it.
-p_lewis | 7/26/2003
Do It!!
-Jim Sims | 8/3/2003
it's not B7, it's a full B - it's a real important chord for the song.
-Smoothie7745 | 9/24/2003
it's Bm
-uncle fucker | 1/28/2004

I had mr travis tritt himself teach me how to play it when he played at my tribe's casino.

It's a full on B Major chord. No B7 no Bm ... B B B B B B B B B B!

-NDN | 2/26/2004
Hey it would be awesome if someone could tab the entire song. I'm a beginner and can't come close to figuring out the picking pattern throughout the song on my own.
-chaseb8 | 11/29/2004
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