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Trick Pony - Can't Say That On The Radio (Chord)
Album: Trick Pony (2001)
Submitter: twizzle05 (14) on 3/8/05
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Can't Say That On the Radio--Trick Pony
written by Keith Burns and Dawna Bradford
From the album "Trick Pony"
Corrections welcome.


Hey this is Travis Moon thanks for calling the K102 request line, you're on the air.
You mean I'm on the radio right now?
Yes, you are.
I'd like to dedicate this to my wife, she's a low life (&%$# &*%& at #)
Sir, could you please watch your langauge?

INTRO:  D  G  A (4x)

D                  G
Called up my DJ on Friday after work
D                                G           A
I told him how ya done me wrong, how much it hurt
D                                 G
I said mister I got somethings to get off my chest
D                                     G                D
I told him what I had in mind, but he turned down my request, he said

G               D            G
You can't say that on the radio
                     D       G          D                G
I'd really like to help you out, that's just the way it goes
A                 G          D     Bm  A    D
It's so sad, and that's too bad, everybody knows
G              A            D
You can't say that on the radio, oh

He told me he understood exactly how I felt
He said boy I been in your shoes once or twice myself
I've got a hundred thousand watts runnin' through this microphone
And I could let your message ring loud and clear, well tomorrow I'd be gone, because




No, you can't say that
Oh, no you can't say that, no
Oh, you can't say that
You can't say on the radio 
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