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Turnpike Troubadours - 1968 (Chord)
Album: Diamonds & Gasoline (2010)
Submitter: Daniel_W_Tarleton_Texan (3) on 11/2/10
Month Views: 90 | Total Views: 32,896
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There are three choruses, each of them labeled. 
After the last verse you play chorus 1, then 
there is an instrumental, followed by chorus 3 
to end the song. All chorus chords are the same. 

Cadd9                               D
There ainít a thing in the world to take me back
       G           G/F#      Em7
like a dark haired girl in a Cadillac
Cadd9                 D             G
The main street of an old forgotten town

And sunlight shines and fine white lines 
on weathered stores with open signs
They may as well just close em down

(Chorus 1)
        Cadd9     G       
And you look like 1968 
   D      G
or was it 69
       Cadd9              G
When I heard you caught a bullet
well I guess youíre doin fine
        Cadd9      G
And you speak of a revolution 
          D                     G
like itís someplace that youíve been
              Cadd9     G
Youíve been a long time gone
         D             G
good to see ya, my old friend

Oh and now that sign has gone away
replaced instead by silver age 
and moonlight fallin on the avenue

oh and I could sleep if you would drive
it just canít keep my mind alive
and youíve got nothing better else to do

(Chorus 2)
and weíve all been lookin for you
like a hobo you walk in
well how the mighty all have fallen
how the holy all have sinned
is that the clatterin of sabers 
or the cool September wind
well youíve been a long time gone
good to see you my old friend

and thereís just two times a day like this
ya find that sort of blissfulness
the sun it sets and rises in the morn

and with shakin hands, I rub my eyes
free of all my alibis
Just shakin like the day that I was born

(chorus 1)

(Chorus 3)
And when the rounds were fired that april 
you were on the balcony 
when ten thousand tear drops hit the ground 
in memphis Tennessee
you were a prideful rebel yell 
among a million marchin men 
well youíve been a long time gone 
good to see you my old friend
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