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Turnpike Troubadours - 7&7 (ain't It Strange) (Chord)
Album: Diamonds & Gasoline (2010)
Submitter: Daniel_W_Tarleton_Texan (1) on 11/1/10 6 comments
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Capo 2. 

The C/B is essentially just used to notate a walkup from the Am to a C. 
All you have to do is keep your pointer finger planted and move your middle 
finger up to the B on the A string (2nd fret on the A string). I tried 
to make the timing on those as close as I could. And the G/F# is just a 
walkdown from a G chord to an Em chord where all you have to do is lift 
your middle finger on the G and move your pointer finger up to the F# on
 the E string (2nd fret on the E string). 

Intro, Outro, and all instrumentals follow verse chord pattern. Enjoy!

G         D         Am      C/B      C
Back when you, well when you were my darlin
G        D       Am     C/B    C
I didn't mind to lose a little sleep and
G        D       Am   C/B    C
I didn't mind to do a little walkin
G      D         Am         C/B    C
Reputation never meant that much to me

Em       D         C            G    G/F#
How do I find that old familiar feelin 
Em           D             C          G  G/F#
The one that carried me so many years ago
Em      D           C            G   G/F#
Bottles dominos and seven up and seagrams
Em          D                C
Things were simple then just movin nice and slow

        Am        C/B   C
Aint it strange
        Am        C/B   C
aint it strange
G     D       Am  C/B    C            G     D          Am  C/B  C
I had no clue I'd be the boy who your momma warned you about
G     D       Am  C/B    C            G     D          Am  C/B  C
I had no clue I'd be the boy who your momma warned you about

Well that old scene was always comin to me
I see you standin w/ your husband and your child
You're a picture of strength and grace and beauty
Me I'm just a fool in the supermarket aisle

No hello would surely end up awkward
I never had a knack for talkin anyway
You're not the kind for bendin over backwards
Stop and turn my shoppin cart around and walk away


Ain't it strange how well I knew you back when I was 17
Lovin you was easy babe but I was just a child
These days you ain't nothing just an insterstate daydream
Folks were sleepin and you were runnin wild

Am                C/B      C
And I still do my share of sleepin on the floor
Am           C/B             C
Not sure if anybody knows me anymore 

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
sweet, good song.
-cowboyokie | 1/21/2011
Very good tab.. I never knew the / meant to walkup/walkdown believe it or not. Keep Up the good work
-jonnboy89 | 6/28/2011
spot on. great tab. great band
-skilletkso | 12/11/2012
@JonnBoy89: The '/' does not mean 'walkdown' or 'walkup'. It means 'alternate bass'; i.e. C/B means a C chord, but use a base note of B.
-guitarp11 | 3/23/2013
I believe the lyrics are "Well, I know hello would surely end up awkward"...Felker kind of runs it together there where it's hard to distinguish.
-Beau2137 | 7/14/2015
It's also "Smile and turn my shoppin' cart around and walk away" and "Folks were sleepin' and we were runnin' wild".
-Beau2137 | 7/14/2015
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