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Turnpike Troubadours - Down On Washington (Chord)
Album: Diamonds & Gasoline (2010)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (28) on 1/23/11
Month Views: 1 | Total Views: 26,236
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Down On Washington 
Recorded by Turnpike Troubadours

Intro.:   | (G)  | (A)  | (G)  | (A)  | (G)  | (A)  | (D)  | (D)

Well you're standing (Bm)there, you say life ain't (D)fair
Why don't ya tell me (Bm)somethin' that I don't (F#m)know
Oh man, I'm (Bm)sunk, red faced and (D)drunk
But there's a (Bm)reason I stayed (A)up all night and (G)begged you not to go

(D)Here I fear we've found ourselves a (G)sticky situ-(D)ation
It's an (G)awkward occu-(D)pation disre-(A)gardin' right from wrong
And (D)you were down on Washington, (G)dancin' like the (D)devil
Oh, and I am (D/C#)just a (Bm)fool, but (F#m)I have (A)loved you (G)all a-(D)long

Inst.:  | (D)  | (D)  | (G)  | (D)  | (G)  | (D)  | (A)  | (A)  |
        | (D)  | (D)  | (G)  | (D)  | (D) (D/C#) | (Bm) (F#m) | (A) (G) | (D)  |

Well the every-(Bm)day, it gets in the (D)way
Of all the (Bm)things, that we could (F#m)be
Don't ya under-(Bm)stand, well I'm an honest (D)man
But I would (Bm)steal you in a (A)heartbeat if the (G)choice were up to me

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  | (D)  | (D)  | (G)  | (D)  | (G)  | (D)  | (A)  | (A)  |
        | (D)  | (D)  | (G)  | (D)  | (D) (D/C#) | (Bm) (F#m) | (A) (G) | (D)  |

Well what (A)happens little baby when I (G)blow this town and (D)ain't nobody like you
Got a (A)brand new high and (G)lonesome, It's a (D)bad dream comin' true
(C) Oh what's a poor boy to (G)do (D)

Repeat Chorus

Yea, well (D)I am (D/C#)just a (Bm)fool, but (F#m)I have (A)loved you (G)all a-(D)long

Outro.:  | (G) (D) | (A)  | (G) (D) | (A)  | (G) (D) | (A)  | (D) -----
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