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Turnpike Troubadours - Good Lord Lorrie (Chord)
Album: Goodbye Normal Street (2012)
Submitter: lmofle (307) on 7/22/12 4 comments
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Good Lord Lorrie
By Turnpike Troubadours
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Update 4/7/13: Just watched a video of Evan Felker doing this acoustic and I have everything correct except
the chorus. Instead of the G to G/F# to Em to D to C walk down I have in this tab, he goes G to D/F# to Em to 
D/F# to C. 

While I am certain my progression will work and I had considered the D/F# instead of the G/F#, I wanted to be 
sure the rest of you play it as written by Evan. The video is at

G                          Em                   C                G
Lorrie lit a cigarette and smiled and waved the smoke out of her face
         G                         Em                C                      G    C  G
With her black hair brown from the summer sun, green eyes, looked around the place
         G                               Em                     C               G  
Then she told me that she loved me and I grinned and grabbed her hand and said I know
     G                 Em               C                    G
Lets get from here now darlin', if we're goin' lets go on and go

G Em C G  twice

Well Lorrie said her family used to have a little money and they still act like they do
But your daddy don't think I'm fit to sit in the same room with you
And if I ever set foot in Sevier County, well your brother said he'd break my jaw
Here I stand with a dark haired daughter of southwest Arkansas

              C        C/B    Am             G      G/F#     Em
And I've been learnin' that believin' and that barely breakin' even
     C      C/B     Am               G
It's just a part of life for you and me
              C      C/B      Am             G        G/F#  Em
And I've been livin' with the loneliness, it's got down in my bones I guess 
     C     C/B    Am             D
It's just another phase of being free
              Am                                               C
And I've been learnin' how to lose a thing I never laid a hand on all along
     G         G/F#      Em               D       C      
Well good lord Lorrie, I love you, could it go more wrong
     G         G/F#      Em               D       C 
Well good lord Lorrie, I love you, could it go more wrong
        Am                              G   Em  C  G  Em  C  G
La, da, da, da, da, da ,da ,da ,da ,da ,da

Well De Queen's dry so I bought us both a bottle in downtown Broken Bow
Lorrie's got a buddy with a double wide trailer, they were shaking dominoes
And I had good intentions 'til I had too many, I was stupid I suppose
You better put a little money where your mouth is boy and try to keep it closed



Well Lorrie said I wonder what we ever went through all this trouble for
You ain't half of who I thought you was and this ain't fun no more
And her words cut clean through drunk and dark and dimmin' doorway light
Well I've had all I can handle, hope you're happy now, goodnight

G         C          G                C          G
Guess her folks were right, guess her folks were right

     G         G/F#      Em               D       C
Well goodnight Lorrie, I love you, could it go more wrong
     G         G/F#      Em               D       C  
Well goodnight Lorrie, I love you, could it go more wrong
        Am                              G
La, da, da, da, da, da ,da ,da ,da ,da ,da 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
do you know what key the harmonica is in?
-tacro | 8/28/2015
As a non-harmonica player, I believe the harp should be in the same key as the song which is G
-lmofle | 8/30/2015
I use a G harp when playing it. Works for me.
-DLarsen16 | 3/13/2016
It's a C harmonica
-Chance93 | 7/13/2016
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