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Turnpike Troubadours - The Mercury (Chord)
Album: Turnpike Troubadours (2015)
Submitter: lmofle (698) on 10/2/15
Month Views: 22 | Total Views: 4,493
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The Mercury
By The Turnpike Troubadours
Written by Evan Felker
CD: Turnpike Troubadours (2015)
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

I debated whether to put this up for a few weeks now - It wasn't so much as the other tab is 
wrong but I don't think he got the song across as well as he maybe could have. Here is my 
take. In the verses, as you are playing an E, pull down on the 3rd fret, low E string 
with your pinky. You can hear the bends as he is playing the chords. Same for when you get to 
the A, it's a pull down on the 5th string. For this, I am only showing the chords for those 
that just want to strum with the song.

First sound in the intro you hearis is the E chord strummed, but mostly on the top 3 or 4 
strings - then it goes into the intro:

Acoustic Intro:

Lori laughs like she just don't care, got a red bandana in her raven hair
Sittin' in the corner at the Mercury, cowboy killers in a plain white T
And back and forth the glasses and the sleeve tattoos, she's just another small town kid
Well, sure she's got a couple problems now but she doesn't try to keep 'em hid

D                        A                  E 
That kind of lovin' is a little like a fist fight, all right, all right
D                     A                   B
The kind of thing you never see before midnight
Girl, I know your gonna wreck this town
Won't you tell me where to be when the walls start fallin'

Well, I've never seen Jimmy in that old Corvette, he looks like hell but he ain't dead yet
Rough around the edges but his clothes are clean, hayseed dressed up like James Dean
And anyway I play it, well, I can't get in the sand but I think that him and Lori were a thing
Well come now that I think about it, he don't say much of anything


Well its 1 a.m. and wild and loud like sittin in the middle of a funnel cloud
A 5 spot for a shot and a beer, now do you wonder how we wound up here
I'll tell you, friend, that every now and then, it's like a money game of cut throat pool
Lori's talking just a little too sweet to me, Jimmy's in the next bar stool



Well its throw back punks and daytime drunks and PBR's and Stouts
Lori's over by the jukebox now dancin' to the twist and shout
And Jimmy's stormin' out the front door, Lord, you'd think someone had died
I ain't goin' anywhere at all, I'm about to hit my stride!


Girl I know your gonna wreck this town
Won't ya tell me where to be when the walls start fallin'
Girl I know your gonna wreck this town
Won't ya tell me where to be when the walls start fallin'
Girl I know your gonna wreck this town
Won't ya tell me where to be when the walls start fallin' down 
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