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Turnpike Troubadours - The Shape (Chord)
Album: Bossier City (2007)
Submitter: financewildcat (0) on 6/13/11
Month Views: 18 | Total Views: 34,826
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Intro:     G 	 D   Dsus4    D 	     C 	   G

 	      G 	  	  	  	       D
Well I'm in, pretty good shape for the shape I'm in, living in the shadows of all my 

 	  C 	  	  	   G
sins, but hey, we've all got our problems.

              G 	  	  	  	       D
And it's been 21 hours since I've heard your voice and me, well I got no damn choice 

 	C 	  	  	    G
in the matter, yeah you know that's true

      G 	  	  	  	      D 	  	  	  C
Yeah leave it all up to you this time, the decision is yours baby its not mine, even 

though that's hard.

        G 	  	  	  	  	  D
But the ink stain is still on my hand, and your number's too worn off to understand, 

       C 	  	      G
but I wear it, like a battle scar.

CHORUS      C 	          G 	  	             D 	  	         B7
And I can't tell, about you and me, it's a little bit too far down that old road of life to 


              G              D 	  	  	        B7 	     C
But I keep an eye out, toward the sky, thinking that maybe you just might be passin' by, 

 	   G 	  	     D 	  	  	   B7
And how I wish, that you can hear, me sing maybe this time my songs just might 

mean something.

BRIDGE      Am 	  	C       Am 	  	       C
 	 So fall on back down to me,  	  fall on back down to me, 

 	  	  	    Am      C         	  	    G 	 
 	 ah you're still an angel,            even with that broken wing.

(Keep with the G D C G progression through the verse)

And I said I got enough gas to make it there, 
tonight if you want baby I don't care, and you said no no no no that's ok. 

So instead I just sat here on this couch and I drank it off, that's what I'm all about, 
at least lord, that's what the poeople say.

Cuz we both know im just a lost cause, a wannabe poet with a cheap guitar, begging for applause,  

but I thought id be your knight in shining armor, and id save ya, hell or high water, 
but I wont reach out my hand if you don't want it.


     Am 	        C       Am 	  	       C
So fall on back down to me,  	  fall on back down to me, 

 	  	   Am      C     	  	     Am        C 	  	  	  Am 	 
ah you're still an angel,         ah you're still an angel,            ah you're still an angel,    

C 	    	  	    G 	 
     even with that broken wing.

G  D  Dsus4  D  C G   x2    then finish with:

G---------0---- 0 2 0 -------0------
D----0 2---------------------0-----
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