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Tyler Farr - Redneck Crazy (Chord)
Album: Redneck Crazy (2013)
Submitter: adonnini (1) on 1/20/13 25 comments
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Redneck Crazy
Tyler Farr
Capo 3

Intro - Em - C - D / / x2

I'm gonna (Em)drive like hell (C)through your neighbor(D)hood
(Em)Park this Silver(C)ado on your front (D)lawn
(Em)Crank up a little (G)Hank, (D)sit on the hood and drink.
(Em)I'm about to (C)get my pissed off (D)on

I'm gonna (G)aim my headlights (C)into your bedroom (D)windows
throw (G)empty beer cans at (C)both of your shad(D)ows
I didn't (G)come here to start a (C)fight, but I'm up for (D)anything tonight(Em)(D)
(G)you know you (C)broke the wrong heart (D)baby, and drove me redneck c(Em)razy (C) (D)//

I (Em)wish I knew how (C)long its been going (D)on
(Em)how long you been (C)gettin' some on the (D)side
no (Em)he can't amount to (G)much, by the (D)look of the little truck
well he (Em)won't be gettin' (C)any, (D)sleep tonight


Did ya (Em)think I'd wish you (C)both the best, (G)endless love and (D)happiness
you (Em)know that's just (C)not, the kind of (D)man I am
Yea I'm the (C)kind that shows up at your house, (D)3 AM


Em - C - D // x4 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The lyrics to this song are very disturbing. It's about an ex boy friend who is stalking and harrassing his ex girlfriend. While it says he's not their to fight, he nevertheless, is "up for anything." So basically it's about an ex boy firend come to beat up his ex. This is just wrong.
-jflato | 6/24/2013
He's not there to beat his ex....hes there to beat her new bf
-denalitwinkie2s | 6/26/2013
get a life and enjoy the song
-DanielRyan99 | 7/3/2013
Couldn't agree more. And, if you saw him do the song live he says it's what he felt like he wanted to do. You've never been in that situation? Oh, not to mention she cheated on him and broke his heart...probably not her fault though. Amazing song and fun to play.
-economus | 7/19/2013
True "country" people can 100% agree/relate with these lyrics...
-frede052 | 7/31/2013
Honestly, I think the song is hilarious. Sounds like something a "country comedian" would have done.
-biggie38401 | 8/1/2013
and the video is really entertaining
-leschef1 | 8/6/2013
the song is not about beating his ex. the song says nothing of this. she cheated. has been cheating so he is pissed. he drives to her house to see for himself. this is understandable. great song. sad. yes fun to play.
-jdcowboy12 | 8/8/2013
Hey Biggie. Sounds like you don't have any business on countrytabs. Move along, yuppie.
-rhowar002000 | 8/24/2013
jflato & Biggie38401 have no business being on COUNTRY TABS. IT"S a Country Song, And How A Country Boy Felt After He Found Out His W***e Girlfriend Was Cheating On Him, And Many Of Us Country Folks Have Been In Those Shoes. Hell My Song Would Have Ended With Both Of Their Families Attending Their Funerals. You APPARENTLY Have No Clue What Country Music is so Just Move ON.
-markkenote | 8/27/2013
Its the male version of "Before He Cheats" by Underwood. Get a grip. Great song.
-RCreager | 8/30/2013
great song, finally new age country songs wriiten from the heart, there jus may be hope left for country music
-ihwelk49 | 9/7/2013
the people that said this song is bad should hear reckless Kelly, crazy eddies last hoorah such an amazing song.... never-the-less this is a great song I play it at some of my shows and me and my crowd dig it.... I also play crazy eddies last hoorah lol
-guitarmanvai | 9/28/2013
Does anyone know the strumming pattern for this song? Thanks :)
-Gracerosien | 10/24/2013
jflato, get off ur pc horse, and relax, its a good song with a good beat, wait till u have some women around u, then u can throw out ur spill and impress them on how sensitive u r.
-mauler43 | 11/2/2013
Sorry guys who thiink this is a great country song, one which implies beating up an ex girlfriend ("not here to fight but I'm up for anything." You must be confusing country with rap. Country songs have traditionally dealt with plenty of cheating and drinking and lots of other bad behavior and that's expected, but I think a real country boy draws the line at even hinting at beating up a woman. Women can sing about trashing a guy's truck and it's fair game. But violence to women should not be tolerated and is the #1 reason I refuse to listen to rap. If you like these sorts of lyrics, maybe you should listen to rap yourself.
-jflato | 11/19/2013
you all realize that a "fight" could be just an argument. it doesn't mean hes going to beat his ex. im not a huge fan of the song but its pretty good. anyway the chords are dead on. I think comparing this song to a rap song is outrageous.
-BuckBran | 11/27/2013
If you guys don't realize that he is there to fight the guy that she is with you shouldn't be listening to country music.
-adonnini | 12/7/2013
Exactly if you don't like country well then deal with it! I live in the city but i still love country music! Especially this song!
-Smallfry98 | 12/24/2013
Most hilarious thread of comments I've read on here in a long time. Creager got it right: it's the male version of Before He Cheats ... get over it.
-joedwright | 2/17/2014
jflato the song is about a guy who caught his gf cheating pay attention he just found out and was wondering how long it had been going on.
-Hegdahl17h | 4/6/2014
Some of you clearly did not read the lyrics. The song is about his girlfriend cheating on him which many of you stated. BUT, it is NOT about hi beating his ex. He obviously would fight the guy. Why would you think it is about that? SO don't hate this great song because of a miss interpretation. Thank you and enjoy the music!
-wickedwayz10 | 9/5/2014
Aaron Lewis' version is SO much better! Tells the guy to quit acting like a b***h!
-mcnew1018 | 10/30/2014
Okay, on a completely different, subject, does anyone know how he strums the chords for this song? I can't figure it out for the life of me.
-TFarrFan4Life | 12/29/2014
jflato is an idiot
-huntnfish | 6/20/2015
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