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Vern Gosdin - Chiseled In Stone (capo'd) (Chord)
Album: Chisled In Stone (1990)
Submitter: WildCard76 (585) on 10/24/04 2 comments
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Vern Gosdin
(Gosdin / Barnes)
Album: Chiseled In Stone
Submitted by: christopher r
3:21 AM 10/24/2004.

Capo 3rd Fret (To Match Recording)

Intro: (C)   (C)   (C)   (C)

You ran (C) cryin' to the bedroom 
I ran off to the (F) bar,
(G7) Another piece of heaven gone to (C) hell,
The words we spoke in anger just tore my world a(F)part,
And I (G7) sat there feeling sorry for my(C)self.

Then that old (C) man sat down beside me
And looked me in the (F) eye,
And said (G7) "Son, I know what you're going (C) through,
You ought to get down on your knees 
And thank your lucky (F) stars (G7) that you got someone to go home (C) to."

  You don't (C7) know about (F) lonely,
  Or how long (C) nights can be,
  Till you lived through the (G7) story
  That's still livin' in (C) me,
  And you don't (C7) know about (F) sadness
  'Til you faced life a(C)lone,
  You don't know about (G7) lonely
  'Til it's chiseled in (C) stone.

So I (C) brought these pretty flowers
Hoping you would under(F)stand
(G7) Sometimes a man is such a (C) fool,
Those golden words of wisdom
From the heart of that old (F) man,
(G7) Showed me I ain't nothing without (C) you.

Repeat Chorus

  You don't know about (G7) lonely
  (No Chord) 'Til it's chiseled in (C) stone.  (G7)  (C) 
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-guitarpro45 | 11/26/2005
Sounds good...but if you like the Chris Young version better (as i do) just move the capo down to the second fret and play the same chords!
-Bandit88 | 6/15/2011
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