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Vince Gill - No Future in the Past (Chord)
Album: Souvenirs (1995)
Submitter: matellmon (81) on 2/14/02
Month Views: 21 | Total Views: 3,393
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Intro:  A  B  E

  E                         F#7
I lie here tonight in the darkness
  B                E
I've never felt so alone
  E                          F#7
Tomorrow I'll wake up still lonesome
     B                                    E      B
Cause things haven't changed since youve gone
  E                              F#7
You walked out with angry words spoken
    B                          E
Your leaving cut right to the bone
  E                               F#7
I'll pick up the pieces you left broken
  B                    E
Find the strength to go on

  C#m        F#7         B            E 
I still remember when my arms once held her
  A             B         E
How long do old memories last
  C#m          F#7
Why can't I forget it
 B          E
Why can't I admit it
  A             B            E
There ain't no future in the past

(Key change E to F):

F  G7  C  F
F  G7  A#  C  F

Repeat Chorus (chords are shifted up by half-step;
i.e., E->F, F#7->G7, etc.)

E:022100  F#7:242322  B:X23332 C#m:X46654  A:X02220
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