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Walker Mcguire - The Color Pink (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (54) on 1/5/16
Month Views: 7 | Total Views: 7,473
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The Color Pink
Recorded by Walker McGuire

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(C)(C/B)|(Am)(G)| x 2

(Verse 1)
(C) Rolled out of bed, (C/B) (Am)almost broke my neck (G)
(C) Well I just (C/B)laughed, 'cause I (Am)stepped on Barbie's head (C)
(F) It ain't the first (G)time, and it's (Am)gonna happen again (G)
But I'm (F) OK with the world I (G)live in

'Cause I like (F) baseball, (C)huntin' in the fall, (G)fishin' out by the lake
Now it's (F) tea parties, (C)Malibu Barbies, and (G)Easy Bake Oven-made cupcakes
I like (Am) Friday nights with (G)all o' my boys (F)washin' away the week
With a tall (G) stiff drink, but man, I (F) love (G) the color pink

Solo:  |(C)(C/B)|(Am)(G)|

(Verse 2)
(C) People see me (C/B)at the mall (Am)covered up in bags (G)
(C) Watchin' my (C/B)baby girl spend (Am)every dime I (G)have
(F) And I ain't a-(G)shamed, I know (Am)every (G)Taylor Swift song
(F) My girls love when I (G) sing along

'Cause I like (F)cards on the table, (C)fights on cable, the (G)sound of a revved up Chevrolet
Now it's (F) pony tails and (C)paintin' my nails and (G)Dad watch me do ballet
People (Am)say they grow up (G)fast, better make it (F)last
'Cause, man, they're gone sooner than you (G) think, but man, I (F) love

The (F)color pink like her flip-flop, (C)big ol' polka dots, (G)butterflies on the wall
(F) Pink like her piggy bank, (C)hair brush on the sink, (G)cartwheels down the hall.
And (Am)pink like the dress she'll (G) wear to prom, then she'll (F) wear a white one
And man, she's gone, I (G)can't blink, 'cause God I (F) love (G) the color pink

Outro.:  |(C)(C/B)|(Am) God, I love (G) the color pink |(C)(C/B)|(Am)(G)|(C) ----- 
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