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Warren Brothers - Hey Mr. President (revised) (Chord)
Submitter: palamin0 (112) on 4/23/03 4 comments
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Artist: Warren Brothers
Title: Hey Mr. President
Chords by: palamin0 at

Warren Brothers - Mr. President

(Capo on first fret)
Intro Chords are G - C - D (while playing those chords play a Dsus - D)

G                                 C
Hey Mr. President, I don't think I want your job
              D                        G
I can barely handle, the simple one I got
G                                C
Hey Mr. President, how cool is Air Force One,
Those guys in the House and the Senate,
                    G          G/F#
Ever gonna get anything done,

I ain't no Democrat,
I ain't no Republican,
                   Dsus / D
We're fathers and mothers, (sisters & brothers)
We're wives and husbands,
And we pray,
That we dance at our daughters weddings,
And our son's grow into fine men,
        Dsus/D          G
And for peace,  on our land,

Hey Mr. President, How about that money I sent,
Must take a lot of pork barrels, To run the government,
Hey Mr. President, Our kids in the Middle East,
I guess you gotta fight sometimes, 
To find a way to keep the peace,

(go to Chorus - lead chords G - C - D)

I can not imagine,
How hard it must be,
To tell some soldiers mother,
     C              D
They died for their country,

Mr. President, 
won't you thank her for me,

(lead chords Em - C - D)

Hey Mr. President do you ever feel alone,
Surrounded by all those ghosts in the White House,
Bet you wish you could move back home,


We ain't just Democrats,
We ain't just Republicans,
It's all for one, and one for all,
We're all Americans,
And we pray, 
That we see our childrens children,
And our sons grow into old men,
And for peace, yea Peace
On our land

(Ending Chords G - C - D ) 
(play Dsus / D over the ending chords)

Hey MR. President 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great job! My one suggestion would be you could play the G/F#
as a D/F# (200232) but it sounds good either way.
-Shantel | 4/25/2003
The intro is missing something. Check out
my submission and tell me what ya think.
-Andrew | 12/18/2004
I have tried to re-rate this tab, but am
unable to. The tab submitted is for the
chords (not inclusive of the intro). Therefore,I rate this tab a 10. And extend
an apology to PalaminO for my error in
-Andrew | 12/18/2004
Hey no problem bro :)
-palamin0 | 12/23/2004
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