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Warren Brothers - Sell Alot Of Beer (Chord)
Submitter: milk242424 (0) on 11/3/03 21 comments
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Artist:  Warren Brothers W/Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney
Title:  Sell A Lot Of Beer

(1st Verse Strum Chord)

My name ainít up in lights
          C             G
But Iím a hero in this bar
And I play four big shows a night
Just me and my guitar
I donít make a lot of money
            C             A
And I donít have a lot of gear
I donít sell a lot of records
      D                  G 
But I sure sell a lot of beer

(2nd verse)

If you wanna hear Bob Dillon
          C              G 
Iíll play like a Rolliní Stone
If you wanna hear Bob Wills
Iíll sing Rose In San Antone
Iíll even play Happy Birthday
          C              A 
If thatís what you wanna hear
Cause I donít sell a lot of records
       D                  G
 But I sure sell a lot of beer


        C                            G
So itís hey hey whatís your favorite song?
C                      D
Hey hey everybody sing along
Weíre just one big red neck family
       C                    A
Aw, at least while weíre in here
Cause I donít sell a lot of records
      D                  G
But I sure sell a lot of beer

(3rd Verse)

I wake every Sunday morningí
    C                      G
So I can go to church and pray
But after some of my Saturday nights
Things just donít turn out that way
I think even the Good Lord, he understands
            C           A
Iím at that point in my career
They donít sell a lot of records
         D                  G
But they sure sell a lot of beer

(Repeat Chorus)
I donít sell a lot of records
      Bb                 A
But I sure sell a lot of beer

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Awesome Tab. Thanks Milk2424. Been Waiting for this one.
-Redford15 | 11/4/2003
Way To Go Man really enjoyed this tab you hit it right on the button
-fatd69 | 12/3/2003
thanks guys this is my first tab

-milk242424 | 12/3/2003
Bob Wills sang Rose of San Antonio. Good effort!
-firehand | 12/17/2003
sry i changed it Thanks

-milk242424 | 12/19/2003
it could do with a bit of work but good
-utfootball92 | 2/4/2004
If you can help it out fix it for me.This is my first one. I tried thanks...
-ina12 | 2/6/2004
only thing i think it needs is
a A minor after the "hey heys"
and thats it good tab
-zxxpress | 8/25/2004
I think he is right about the Am...
I also think there may be a plain old A in there too... that is an odd occurence that
doesn't happen often.

the other guy is also right about the B note on the second "Hey" I usually call this a 'walk" so I dont have to figure out what the real chord is.
-georgeb1954 | 8/26/2004

-georgeb1954 | 8/26/2004
really enjoyed the song.if you happen to know "change" off the same album i'd love to see a tab for's also the theme song for there show on cmt.
-nickatnite | 9/28/2004
Alright guys. This is how the chorus goes:

Cadd9 g/b am D G
Hey, Hey, Whats your favorite song?
Cadd9 g/b am D
Hey, Hey, Everybody sing along.

Check it. I'm positive. Long live Pat Green and Texas Music. "Lucky Ones" October 19.
-syzygyassociate | 9/28/2004
i like it
-ina12 | 10/6/2004
i love this tab and you did an exellent job.
-bassboss88 | 10/17/2004
Pat Green is not that good, the only song I ever heard from him is Wave on Wave, probably the most annoying cheese guitar song I have ever heard, it must of tokk a lot of time to come up with the same lyrics over and over, horrible.
-cfalse23 | 10/21/2004
try to get one of his older pre 2000 live albums, i am a huge pat green fan and i agree with you i dont like the wave on wave album at all but his older stuff that isnt all nashvilled up is great, long live texas music.
-chubaka778 | 11/6/2004
Great song. Can someone please tab out some of the other songs off of "Well Deserved Obscurity" please!? It is the best country CD's to come out in a long damn time.
-kbrulz | 12/31/2004
Thanks to everyone who liked it and everyone helping out to fix it MILKMAN,,,,,,
-milk242424 | 1/21/2005
Great tab I've been waiting along time for this.. Warren Boys would be proud!.
-sixstring5 | 2/3/2005
somebody PLEASE post the solo!!!

-jeffy_tchuk | 2/19/2006
Great tab! Love this song and so does the bar crowd I play it for! The only difference between this and how I play it is I step down from the C to the A and sometimes play Am instead. Also, check out a chord change from D to D7
-bilkal828 | 2/21/2006
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