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Waylon Jennings - Cowboy Movies (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (17) on 2/13/02
Month Views: 5 | Total Views: 2,501
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Capo on the 3rd fret.

Verse 1:
            A           E         A  
 	 My dad talks a lot about cowboys
              D                                   A 
 	 Like John Wayne and people i don't even know
     E                          A        F#7  
 	 I like the cartoons on Saturday morning
          B                        E  
 	 'Cause i'm only four years old

     E          A        E            A       
 	 But my dad just loves cowboy movies
         D                              A
 	 He even bought me a big cowboy hat
              D                       A            F#7     
 	 And when i put it on with my boots and my Levi's
               B            E             A
 	 I can tell that he really likes that

         A                        E         A 
 	 Yod-el-ay-ee-ay de-lay-ee-o de-lay-ee

Verse 2:
           A       E          A 
 	 I love to watch Nickelodeon
             D                               A
 	 You might say i grew up on Sesame street
     E                                A           F#7
 	 My favorites are Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch
                B                    E 
 	 And i think the muppets are neat

Chorus bis:
     E          A        E            A    	  	 
 	 But my dad just loves cowboy movies
         D                             A 
 	 He's never heard of Ernie and Bert
             D                    A          F#              
 	 I'm just not a cowboy,i guess i'm a nowboy
               B             E                A
 	 And i sure hope his feeling's aren't hurt

Bridge (x2).

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