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Waylon Jennings - GI Joe (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (21) on 2/13/02
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 3,923
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Verse 1:
      G                                       C/G                  G
 	 Well he smoked those Camel cigarettes about three packs a day
 	 Nicotine stains on his fingers when he'd stretch them out to play
          G                            C/G              G
 	 That old "Midnight special" is one he loved to do
                                   D                G 
 	 Then he'd sing "I'm walking the floor over you"

Verse 2:
      G                                     C/G               G 
 	 TV preachers and welfare checks for him just had no place
 	 But he'd take his time to tune real good when he sang "Amazing grace"
                G                          C/G              G       
 	 He'd say boys i'm old and crazy but i still give a damn
                                              D             G 
 	 And i still think the boys got screwed over in Vietnam

              C/G              G
 	 He'd drag out that old uniform
               D                        G 
 	 And say "they used to call me slim"
            C/G                G  
 	 He never could get it buttoned up
 	 But the pride looked good on him
 	 He still feels the way he felt
             C/G           G
 	 Over forty years ago
 	 Here's to the old man
 	 Here's to G.I. Joe

Verse 3:
      G                                 C/G                G
 	 He only sang the old songs,he's standing still in time
                              D                  G 
 	 "My Phillipino baby",right there on his mind
                                            C/G             G
 	 Then he'd talk about the big one,the war we didn't lose
                                          D                 G
 	 He'd pick a little bit like Travis "Re-Enlistment blues"


      G                      D      
 	 Here's to my old man
 	 And all the G.I. Joe's

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