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Waylon Jennings - Guitars Won't Stay In Tune (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (11) on 2/13/02
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performed by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1: (Willie)
 	 Well i grew up lean and hungry
 	 I worked hard for my money
              A                 B                E      
 	 Said i'm gonna live my life the way i please

 	 I spent some time on the road of life

 	 Saw an angel once and the devil twice
           A                 B                  E  
 	 I came across some things that i don't need

Chorus: (Willie & Waylon)
      E         A              E    A              E
 	 Like a cold hearted women,whiskey in my water
      C#m             B                  E  
 	 And only one way out of a motel room
         A                 E          A             E
 	 Payments on the Cadillac,and too many questions
      C#m                     B                  E  
 	 And old guitars that just won't stay in tune

Verse 2: (Waylon)
 	 You know there's good and bad breaks

 	 You learn from your mistakes
             A               B                     E        
 	 It's all in how you handle them do's and don'ts

 	 A hillbilly boy is hard to convice

 	 Wild and stubborn and not much sense
              A                  B                E   	 
 	 But i've got enough to know what i don't want

      C#m                     B                  E    
 	 And old guitars that just won't stay in tune

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