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Waylon Jennings - He Went To Paris (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (52) on 2/13/02 1 comment
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Verse 1:
         A                                        D
 	 He went to Paris lookin' for answers to questions 
              E7           A
 	 That bothered him so
 	 He was impressive,young and agressive
         D                      E7 
 	 Savin' the world on his own
         D                    A   
 	 Warm summer breezes,French wine and cheeses 
         D                  E7   
 	 Put his ambition at bay
 	 The summers and winters scattered like splinters
             D            E7             A  
 	 And four or five years slipped away

Verse 2:
         A                                       D 
 	 He went to England,played the piano,and married
            E7            A
 	 An actress named Kim

 	 They had a good life,she was a good wife 
             D                          E7  
 	 And bore him a young son named Jim
         D                     A    
 	 All of the answers and all of the questions
            D                       E7
 	 He locked in his attic one day
 	 'Cause he liked the quiet clean country livin'
              D          E7             A
 	 And twenty more years slipped away

Verse 3:
         A                                           D  
 	 War took his baby,Bombs killed his lady and left him
             E7        A 
 	 With only one eye

 	 His body was battered,his whole world was shattered
         D                        E7      
 	 All he could do was just cry
                   D                A
 	 While the tears were fallin' he was recallin'
            D                   E7  
 	 Answers that he never found
 	 So he hopped in a freighter,skidded the ocean
             D            E7         A     
 	 And left England without a sound

Verse 4:
         A                                                  D
 	 Now he lives in the islands,fishes the pilin' and drinks
              E7              A
 	 His Green label each day

 	 Writing his memoirs,losin' his hearin'
                D                           E7
 	 But he don't care what most people say
               D                   A
 	 After eighty-six years of perpetual motion
               D                         E7
 	 If he likes you he'll smile and say
 	 "Jimmy,some of it's magic,probably tragic,
               D          E7           A   
 	 But i had a good life all the way"

            A                                     D  
 	 He went to Paris lookin' for answers to questions
              E7           A   
 	 That bothered him so

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I learned Jimmy Buffet's version. The way I learned to play it is:

(A) He went to Paris, lookin' for answers to (D) questions that bothered him (A) so
He was impressive, young and aggressive (D) savin' the world on his (E7) own

That sounds good, but looking at what you have here, I'm going to try it your way. Well, almost. I play E instead of E7. I think it sounds better, but that's just one guy's opinion.
-tpmadden | 4/6/2009
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