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Waylon Jennings - Lovin' Her Was Easier (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (0) on 3/14/05 12 comments
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Lovin' Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)--Waylon Jennings
written by Kris Kristofferson
Taken from the album "Waylon Live"

This is one of the best damn songs ever written.   Kristofferson is a songwriting
legend, and while few can sing his songs like he can, Waylon did a hell of a job
on this one.   Any corrections are welcome.

INTRO (slow): D

                                 G            Cadd9           D
I have seen the morning burning golden on the mountain in the sky
                               G                           D
Achin with the feelin of the freedom of an eagle when she flies
G                                                             D
Turnin on the world the way she smiled upon my soul as I lay dying
G                            Cadd9              G              D
Healing as the colors in the sunshine and the shadows of her eyes

(pick up tempo)
D                          G               Cadd9        D
Wakin in the mornin to the feelin of her fingers on my skin
                             G                              D
Wipin out the traces of the people and the places that I've been
G                               	  	  	                D
Teachin me that yesterday was somethin that I never thought of trying
G                           Cadd9         G               D
Talkin of tomorrow and the money love and time we had to spend
G                          C                     D
Lovin her was easier than anything I'll ever do again

G                                                           D
Comin close together with the feelin that I've never known before in my time
G                         Cadd9       G            D
She ain't ashamed to be a woman or afraid to be a friend
G                                                       D
I don't know the answer to the easy she's opened every door in my mind
D                      Cadd9            G            D
Dreamin was as easy as believin it was never gonna end
G                          C                     D
Lovin her was easier than anything I'll ever do again

SOLO (hum lyrics)

G                           C                     D
Lovin her was easier than anything I'll ever do again 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I like Tompall and the Glaser Brothers version is a great

-lmofle | 3/14/2005
waylon jennings version on the double live album is the best...of course i think waylon is the best ever, and a lot of his riffs are coming back (see toby keith and Deirks bentleys new songs) they sound a lot like waylon. Good to hear some guys playing it old school.
-wingo11 | 3/15/2005
I agree with Imofle - Topall has the best version - Waylon is the best...but please don't compare him with Toby Keith that is an insult to Waylon's talent. Keith is choking with his own ego and his songs SUCK!!
-Wheeleratv | 3/21/2005
Outlaw music goes in cycles. It started with Waylon, Willie, Cash,
Glaser, and Kristofferson, and it's coming back today through
the Musik Mafia, Dierks Bentley, Montgomery Gentry, and Toby Keith.
All of these people are great performers with attitude--and arrogance.
Yet we forgive some, while others, who take a more patriotic stance, are
ridiculed. Granted, good music depends upon the listener, but keep
in mind that Waylon and his ilk were criticized when they
first came out. That's just how it goes.
-twizzle05 | 3/21/2005
i agree its comin back around but not with the damn muzic mafia or montgomery gentry. if you wanna hear Waylon live on check out jason boland & the stragglers. thats real music.
-superman1148 | 5/18/2005

-superman1148 | 5/18/2005
Oh, yes, the Muzik Mafia and Montgomery Gentry are modern-day
outlaws. So is Jason Boland...just different sounds. Hell,
even Cowboy Troy is stirring things up. I like what he's doing (and
I absolutely despise rap). Outlaws go against the grain...they make
original music their OWN way. Waylon was probably the best example
anyone could ever come up with of that, but there are contemporary examples.
-twizzle05 | 5/18/2005
You should be shot for even letting the muzik mafia cowards cross your mind in a discussion involving Waylon Jennings
-Bull4445 | 7/27/2005
Cowards? Standing up for what you believe when everybody else is scorning you is cowardice? My my, things have sure changed lately.
-twizzle05 | 7/27/2005
The Glaser version is pretty awesome. I'll
have to think for a while to remember if
I've heard Waylon's version, but they would
both be equally the same IN QUALITY. Regarding this talk about these new "artists", there isn't
a lot to country anymore, it's a based on
poprock nowadays. And if you call Cowboy Troy music, then you're saying that the grass is blue, and the sky is green, and not
vice versa. Rap is not music. The only way
that it could ever be considered an artform,
is if you go to the jungle.
Waylon Jennings kicks ass, but Cash will
always be the number 1 artist to ever grace
this planet. If you say otherwise, again,
you're saying that the grass is blue, and the sky is green. Cash is the origninal outlaw, he was around doing things his way
way before Waylon and Willie or any of that
other stuff was around. He is not only the
original outlaw, but THE original artist.
Nobody is as original as he. CASH RULES 4-EVER AN' 4-LIFE.
-macg1 | 10/19/2005
Rap is most certainly music. Not your choice, obviously, and not mine either, but music is music is music. And who's to say the grass isn't blue and the sky isn't green? It's all a matter of you see the world; or, in this case, how you hear a song.

And yes, CASH RULES. I will never dispute that, not in a million years. Anyone who wants to say otherwise has no place on this website.
-twizzle05 | 10/19/2005
the only modern day person that you can compare to waylon is jason boland.. no one else even comes close.. dierks is one of my favorites but boland and the stragglers are the saviors of real outlaw music.. real country music..
-porter10 | 8/9/2008
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