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Waylon Jennings - McArthur Park (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (17) on 2/13/02 2 comments
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Capo on the 1st fret.

### PART I ###

Verse 1:
         Am                           C/G                      Bb      
 	 Spring was never waiting for us girl,it ran one step ahead
 	 As we followed in the dance
                                             C/G                        Bb         
 	 Between the parted pages that were pressed in loves hot fevered iron
                                 Am     D#   F 
 	 Like a strip-ed pair of pants

 	 Mac Arthur Park is melting in the dark
 	 All the sweet green icing flowing down
 	 Someone left the cake out in the rain
           D      G  
 	 I don't think that i can take it
 	 Cause it took so long to bake it
              G                       Em      Bb  
 	 I'll never have that recipe again,Oh no !!

Verse 2:
         Am                       C/G                  Bb
 	 I recall a yellow cotton dress foaming like a wave
 	 On the ground around your knees  
                                          C/G                    Bb
 	 Birds like tender babies in your hands,old men playing checkers
                 Am    D#   F 
 	 By the trees


### PART II ###

Verse 3:
         Bb                            Gm               C7
 	 There will be another song for me,and i will sing it
          F                                              Bb
 	 There will be another dream for me,someone will bring it
 	 I will taste the wine while it is warm
     Cm                             Bb
 	 And never let you catch me looking in the sun
        G#                             F7          
 	 And after all the loves of my life
 	 After all the loves of my life
 	 You'll still be the one

Verse 4:
         Bb                          Gm                 C7  
 	 I will take my life into my hands,and i will use it
           F                                             Bb
 	 I will win the worship in their eyes,and i will lose it
 	 I will let my passions flow 
     Cm                       Bb 
 	 Like rivers from the sky
        G#                             F7   
 	 But after all the loves of my life
 	 After all the loves of my life
                        G#             Bb          
 	 I'll still be alone,wondering why ?


         D         E  
 	 Oh !!! Oh no !!!!

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Good song. Thanks for the tab.
-macg1 | 2/3/2006
Do you have the lead tab for the intro?
-macg1 | 2/5/2006
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