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Waylon Jennings - Whatever Happend To The Blues (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (4) on 3/4/05 2 comments
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Whatever Happened to the Blues--Waylon Jennings
written by Waylon Jennings and Tony Joe White
Corrections welcome (especially with the lyrics).
Capo II

INTRO:  Em   Am (8x)

Em                          Am
Like a long time friend you see now and then
C                     D          Em
One you thought would always be there
Wasn't nothin but a song for me to lean on
C                      D        Em
At least it showed me somebody cared
C               D                    Em
It was somethin I never thought I'd lose
    C      D             (Am)          Em
So tell me,  whatever happened to the blues

You can follow the tracks all the way back
To the Louisiana no-lane jive
And Ol' John R., they took it so far
Did somebody let a good thing die
Maybe there was nothin that they could do
Tell me, whatever happened to the blues

C                  D                   Em
Don't you know the music was a part of me
   Am                        C             D         C   Em
I ain't talkin what you been doin on the MTV, Lord


Know that I've heard your street-wise words
They been jumpin up in my face
Wastin lots of time a whole lot of mine
Just puttin people in their place
You can pick on me if you really want to
But tell me, whatever happened to the blues
Somebody tell me, whatever happened to the blues

CHORDS (relative to capo):

Em 	 022000
Am 	 x02210
C 	 x32010
D 	 xx0232

CHORDS (with no capo):

Em=F#m 	  	 244222
Am=Bm 	  	 x24432
C=D 	  	 xx0232
D=E 	  	 022100 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The only thing I see is that it should be John R (as in John R Cash) not John Arm
-desprado | 3/11/2005
That does make more sense. Thanks.
-twizzle05 | 3/11/2005
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