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Waylon Jennings - Where Corn Don't Grow (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (30) on 2/13/02
Month Views: 14 | Total Views: 20,897
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Capo on the 2nd fret.

Verse 1:
    D                                     G                                    D 
    As we sat on the front porch of that old grey house where i was born and raised
       Bm                                 G                           D         
    Stared out at the dusty fields where daddy always worked hard eveyday
         Bm                                     G                               D    
    I think it kind of hurt him when i said "Daddy there's a lot that i don't know
         Bm                           G                      D  
    But don't you ever dream about a life where corn don't grow"

Verse 2:
     D                          G                            D  
    He just sat there silent staring in his favorite coffee cup
            Bm                              G                  D  
    I saw a storm of mixed emotions in his eyes when he looked up
             Bm                          G                                    D          
    He said "Son i know at your age it feels like this ol' world is turning slow
             Bm                             G                         D    
    And you think you'll find the answer to it all,where corn don't grow"

 D                  Bm                  G               
    Hard times are real,there's dusty fields
    No matter where you go
                         Bm                        G
    You may change your mind,'cause the weeds are high
    Where corn don't grow

Verse 3:
     D                               G                                   D 
    I remember feeling guilty when daddy turned and walked back in the house
           Bm                               G                               D   
    I was only seventeen back then but it seems like i knew more than i do now
            Bm                          G                        D
    I can't say he didn't tell me this city life's a hard row to hoe
          Bm                          G                       D 
    It's funny how a dream can turn around,where corn don't grow


 D                       Bm                        G  
    You may change your mind,'cause the weeds are high
    Where corn don't grow

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