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Wilkinsons - Williamstown (Chord)
Submitter: palamin0 (46) on 8/14/03
Month Views: 12 | Total Views: 2,700
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Artist:  The Wilkinsons
Title:  Williamstown
cd:  Nothing But Love
chords by: palamin0 at

The Wilkinsons - Williamstown

Intro - C - F - C - G - C - F - C - Dm - G

(verse 1)
C               F    C
My momma always told me,
Not to hang around those,
Williamstown boys,
C                               F       C
And don't be blind girl they're not our kind,
        Dm                 G
But she never met Willie McKoy,

(verse 2)
C                   F    C
The sun comes up at his house,
     C                  G
The same as it does at mine,
             C                F      C
And why the two of us should never touch,
   Dm               G                    C
Is something I just can't get through my mind,

      F             G                   C
In a passing car I saw him through the window,
         Dm                         G
I could swear I caught him looking back,
              F                 G
If there's a chance for love to grow,
C              F
I might never know,
Cause I'm stuck here,
        G                   C - F - C - G
On the right side of the tracks,

(verse 3)
C                   F    C
Funny how a set of rusty rails,
        C                         G
Built a wall that we can't break down,
   C                F             G
I know my baby's a stone's throw away,
            Dm                 G
But it's a million miles from here,
To Williamstown,

             F           G                   C
And if that train still stopped here at the station,
         Dm                            G
We could hop on board, and never look back,
       F                   G
Until love can cross that line,
   C                   F
Between his world and mine,
     Dm                G                 C
I'm stuck here on the right side of the tracks,

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