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William Clark Green - Can't Change (Chord)
Submitter: txmusicman2009 (1) on 3/7/12
Month Views: 680 | Total Views: 6,699
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Artist: William Clark Green
Song: Can't Change
Album: Unknown

Intro: ( E | F# | D | D )

E              F# 	  	      D
Everything is changing it's time to get myself in gear

E 	  	 F# 	  	      D
The depths of all my actions reveal something I fear

E 	  	 F# 	     D
I have lost all hope but I hang on to my dreams

E 	  	  	 F# 	  	    D
They are in my line of sight, but they're always out of reach

E 	  	      F# 	     D
And I'm going out to Liverpool to try and make a name

E 	  	    F# 	  	 D
I lost all hope in Dallas, but Dallas ain't to blame

 	     E   F#   D  X2
I can't change

E  	  	     F# 	  	  	 D
Something about the new year brings sorrow melodies

E 	  	   F# 	  	    D
I get so damn depressed and lose all my self-esteem

E 	  	   F# 	  	   D
Maybe it's the winter you know I never liked the cold

E 	  	 F# 	  	 D
Maybe it's a memory still lingering in my soul

E 	  	      F# 	 D
And I use to love a woman so I bought her a ring

E 	  	  	  	 F# 	   D
She left me standing on the boulevard praying for the rain

 	    E     F#  D  
I can't change

(Musical Break)

E    	  	  	 F# 	  	   D
And I wont give up on believing I won't give up on the truth

E 	  	  	 F# 	  	      D
But it's hard to find the words beneath the pain

E 	  	      F# 	 D
And as the dust settles I'm reminded of my youth

E 	  	 F# 	       D
And I realize I'm one and the same

 	  	 E    F#   D   (Keep Repeating)
And I can't change

I can't change

I can't change

I can't change

Tarleton State Texan! 
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