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William Clark Green - What It Takes To Be Me (Chord)
Submitter: robersont07 (0) on 6/17/15
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Song: What It Takes to Be Me
Artist: William Clark Green
Chords based on this video:

In the video he plays the G and Cadd9 chords with the 2nd finger suspended sometimes and throws some hammer ons in there with that finger.
I'm just keeping it simple for this tab and you can play around with that on your own if you want.

Standard Tuning
No Capo


G D Em7 Cadd9

Verse 1
G  	  	  	  	       D
I bet you thought I was a better man, now you know the truth
 	       Em7 	  	  	  	  	          Cadd9
I've been out singing the songs about the wrong outcome guess it finally got through to you
    G 	  	  	  	           D
She left her stain on the linens I really thought you would never tell
     Em7 	  	  	  	       Cadd9
No I don't expect to be forgiven cause I'm so wrapped up in myself

        D 	  	  	  	  	  	       Em7
And I deserve everything for all the work I've done even if I lose everybody that I've ever loved
          Cadd9                                    G
They just don't understand what it takes to be me
            D 	  	  	  	  	  	  	       Em7
And I don't know who they are but I will prove them wrong probably my friends I'm suspicious of everyone
I would give anything just for them to see what it takes to be me

G D Em7 Cadd9

Verse 2
        G 	  	  	       D
I don't know who I am anymore tell me what have I become
         Em7 	  	  	  	  	  	  	       Cadd9
There is something I discovered that attracts lots of lovers while my wife and kids are home
      G 	  	  	  	            D
You'd think I'd learn my lesson yeah you'd think I'd stop running around
       Em7 	  	  	  	  Cadd9
Oh but every time that it happens I tell myself that they'll never find out


Guitar Solo - G D Em7 Cadd9


G D          Em7       Cadd9                        G
     To be me     yeah       what it takes to be me
D Em7 Cadd9 G

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