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Willie Nelson - Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (Chord)
Submitter: kminer (2) on 3/13/02 6 comments
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 A                  C#m
If you had not have fallen

     D                 A
then I would not have found you

D                 E            A
Angel flying too close to the ground

A                 C#m            D                 A
I patched up your broken wing and hung around for a while

B7                                     E
trying to keep your spirits up and your fever down

  A       C#m                    D
I knew someday that you would fly away

     B7                               E
for loveÕs the greatest healer to be found

   A               C#m      D             D#dim
So leave me if you need to, I will still remember

A                E            A         E
Angel flying too close to the ground

INSTRU: A  C#m  D  A  D  E  A  E  A  C#m  D  A  B7  E

A             C#m                D 
Fly on fly on past, the speed of sound

  B7                               E
IÕd rather see you up than see you down

   A               C#m       D           D#dim
So leave me if you need to, I will still remember

A                 E            A        E
Angel flying too close to the ground.

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I play a Barre B in place of the D#dim...
-lmofle | 8/23/2002
It's correct the way it is( If you like playing it the way Willie does)
-pepperdawg | 8/25/2003
Could someone tab the intro? Thats the hardest to pick apart.
-harth44 | 5/3/2004
What exactly is a "Barre B"?
-sorry, i'm a beginner
-Herbie06 | 8/4/2004
barre b, is actually an a played with your
index finger laying across all the strings
at the second fret, then you can either
finger the "a" shape at the fourth fret
with your second, third, and fourth fingers
on the d, g, and b strings, or you can use
your third finger like a mini barre, and
lay it across the three strings at the
fourth fret. The problem with the second
method is you have to be flexible, or you
will accidentally deaden the high e string.

-csaintg | 9/26/2004
Intro is just picking the notes in the "A" chord...but you have to play the one at the fifth fret...tabbed like this:

XX7655...pick it one at at time

And that pesky D#dim chord is one heck of a lot easier than that Barre B chord...tabbed like this:

-codydicken | 2/4/2005
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