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Yankee Grey - I Should've Listened To Me (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (241) on 6/6/04
Month Views: 15 | Total Views: 3,036
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Yankee Grey
Album: Untamed
Submitted by: Christopher R.
June 6, 2004

Intro: (D) (A) (Bm) (G)  x 2

When you (D) told me you needed a little (Bm) time on your own
(G) I kinda lied and said I'd be al(A)right all alone  
(D) My friends said hey man (Bm) what can you do
Let her (G) see what's missing and she'll come back to (A) you
(Em) They all said it was (Bm) all for the best
But I (F#m) knew as I watched you (E) leave (Esus) (E)

   I should've listened to (G) me, (A) and gotten down on my (G) knees (A) 
   I heard the words in my (Bm) heart, don't tear us ap(F#m)art
   Come back baby (E) please (Esus) (E)
   I should've swallowed my (G) pride, (A) I should've broke down and (G) cried (A)
   I was the one who (Bm) knew that (F#m) you and (Em) I were (F#m) meant to (G) be
   I should've listened to (D) me

(D) Call it intuition, an (Bm) instinctual feeling
When you (G) know you bet it all and your (A) gonna lose everything
(D) That's what I had when you (Bm) walked out the door
And as (G) each day passes I'm feeling it more and (A) more
(Em) Now that I'm hear it's (Bm) all so clear
How I (F#m) could I have made you (E) see (Esus) (E)

Repeat Chorus Twice
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