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Aaron Tippin - Somewhere Under The Rainbow (Chord)
Album: What This Country Needs (1998)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (386) on 1/25/09
Month Views: 20 | Total Views: 5,605
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Somewhere Under The Rainbow
Written by Scott Blackwell, Jerry Laseter & Kerry Kurt Phillips
Recorded by Aaron Tippin

Intro:  (G)  (Em)  (C)  (D)

(G) The street that we (Em)live on (C) ain't no yellow brick (D)road
(G) And this paycheck that (Em)I bring home (C) sure ain't no pot of (D)gold
(Am) When people dream they don't (D)wish they were us
(Am) They don't know we got (D)more than enough

(G)Somewhere un-(F#)der the (Em)rainbow, 
watchin' the (C)late show, livin' on (D)love
(G)Dancin' slow (F#)to the (Em)radio, (D)just (C)holdin' on
(Am)Some-(Bm)where (C)un-(D)der the (G)rainbow  (Em)  (C)  (D)

(G) Some folks spend their (Em)whole lifes (C) dreamin' 'bout the other (D)side
(G) Where the rain ainít (Em)fall (C) and although bluebirds (D)fly
(Am) But I take forever where the (D)skies aren't always blue
(Am) 'Cause when I'm in your arms I know (D)dreams come true

(G)Somewhere un-(F#)der the (Em)rainbow, 
watchin' the (C)late show, livin' on (D)love
(G)Dancin' slow (F#)to the (Em)radio, (D)just (C)holdin' on
(Am)Some-(Bm)where (C)un-(D)der the (G)rainbow

Somewhere un-(F#)der the (Em)rainbow, 
yes, (D)watchin' the (C)late show, and livin' on (D)love

And (G)dancin' slow (F#)to the (Em)radio, (D)yes, (C)holdin' on
(Am)Some-(Bm)where (C)un-(D)der the (G)rainbow  Ö.fade   
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