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Billy Currington - People Are Crazy (Chord)
Album: Little Bit Of Everything (2008)
Submitter: jpooln (7) on 3/5/09 14 comments
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Moderator: dantheman85x | Report This Song?
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Billy Currington  People Are Crazy (Capo 5th)

Intro:  C   G  

(C)This old man and me, (G) were at the bar and we
(Am) Were having us some beers and (F) swapping I don't cares
(C) Talking politics, (G) blonde and red-head chicks
(Am) Old dogs and new tricks and (F) habits we aint kicked

(C) We talked about Gods grace (G) and all the hell we raised
(Am)Then I heard the ol' man (F) say
(C) God is great, beer is (G) good and people are (C) crazy (G)

(C) He said "I fought two wars,
(G)Been married and divorced"
(Am)What brings you to Ohio?
(F)He said "Damned if I know"
(C) We talked an hour or two (G) 'bout every girl we knew
(Am) What all we put 'em through
(F) Like two old boys will do

(C) We pondered life and death
(G) He lit a cigarette
(Am) He said "These damn things will kill me (F) yet"
(C) But God is great, beer is (G) good and people are (C) crazy


(F) Last call, its 2am, I (Em) said goodbye to him
(Dm) I never talked to him (G) again

(C) Then one sunny day, (G) I saw the old mans face
(Am) Front page Obituary, (F) he was a millionaire
(C) He left his fortune to (G) some guy he barely knew, 
(Am) His kids were mad as hell. But (F) me, I'm doing well
(C) And I dropped by today, (G) to just say thanks and pray, 
(Am) And I left a six-pack right (F) there on his grave and I said  

(C) God is great, beer is (G) good and people are (C) crazy. (F)

(C) God is great, beer is (G) good and people are (Am) crazy. (F) 

(C) God is great, beer is (G) good and people are (C) crazy.

Outro: C   G

thanks to dantheman85x for the correction on the bridge!  
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Perfect.... except for the bridge--- can you change it?

(F) Last call, its 2am, I (Em) said goodbye to him
(Dm) I never talked to him (G) again

Thanks for doing this man. I love this song. Could be Billy's best.
-dantheman85x | 3/6/2009
This is a good song. Thanks for posting it.
-tpmadden | 4/20/2009
I know there are different ways to play songs, so this is not a criticism. In the video for this song it looked like the capo was on the 4th fret but I couldn't tell what chords he was using. Personally, I prefer to play it the way you have it with the capo on the 3rd fret. Is it the "right" way? Probably not, but that's what works best for me and I don't think I kill the song.
-tpmadden | 5/1/2009
In the video Billy has it capo 4 and playing in "D" so I would assume that his guitar is tuned down a 1/2 step. So you playing the song with capo 3 in standard tuning is correct.
-BrianEarlHaines | 5/4/2009

I haven't seen the video but i play this song in standard tuning only i use the chords d, c, b#, and g i may be wrong on that b i just know its a one of the b's still learning lol i also dont use a capo and it sounds pretty good not saying this doesnt because i played it like this and it does props to you for the tab try it the way i have been hackin at it and let me know what you think

-s.j.phelps | 6/5/2009
sweet tab. I think i have the intro figured out but im not sure how accurate mine is... wish somebody would put one up
-bcurtis0005 | 6/6/2009
This is recorded in D with capo on the 3rd fret. D A Bm G
-kerrydavis | 7/15/2009
The bridge is G F#m Em A
-kerrydavis | 7/15/2009
Great song and great job on the tab! My personal favorite is to play this song fingerstyle (capo 5) with a basic Travis pick after the intro. I only pick the middle 4 strings (neither e string), except for the Dm in the bridge where I pick the first 4 (e, b, g, and d strings). The G chord I use in this song is the 2nd fret of the 5th string and the 3rd fret of the 2nd string (realtive to capo 5 of course), except at the end of the phrase where the chord is sustained. I single strum the full 6 string chord there. Also, in the first line of the tag, I throw in a C7 so it plays C C7 F F leading into the second line. Not sure how correct any of this is, but it's the way I like to have fun with it!

As for the intro, again, not sure how correct this is, but it's how I kick it off!


-countrytabber88 | 8/18/2009
Oops! I take that back. I don't play the first 4 strings of the Dm in the bridge. I still play the middle 4 strings there just like through the entire song. Don't know what I was thinkin'! Tryin' to make it difficult, I guess. Stayin' in the middle is much easier!
-countrytabber88 | 8/18/2009
Here is the intro it sounds just like it. Hope it works for everyone.

Capo 5
-acousticguitar101 | 9/9/2009
Loving it i like going over cowboy lyics songs thanks | 10/21/2014
This chart is the most popular but I've been playing this song live for ten years in the Key of F with no Capo. Same chords with open voicings. F / C / Dm / Bb. Give it a try.
-berlinlake | 2/8/2017
OMG....I am so sick of people saying "oh it's this key or that key on the album..." who cares?! I HIGHLY doubt ya'll sing like Billy Currington.....these chords charts are just templates. You don't need to sit here and be petty about key's etc, you can literally play ANY song in ANY key that is comfortable for you to sing, which is what you should be worried about. And arguing about using capos? Really? If you knew the Nashville Numbering System (as you should as a player) then you can transpose ANY of these songs on the spot, NOT using a capo, into ANY key you want to play or sing it in.....I have been using this site as a TEMPLATE for weeks now, trying to expand my cover song list as much as possible with some of my favorite songs...and I see OVER AND OVER again people arguing about chords and key's etc. NONE OF THAT MATTERS if you are a decent guitar player. As I said: these chord charts are just templates and basic guides to the chord progressions etc. Nobody cares if you can play it in the key that these artist's play it in....IN FACT: TONS of times, artists play the songs in different keys live and on different albums etc! Which is the wonderful magic of music, and having multiple keys! The Nashville Numbering System is a VERY useful tool that I suggest everyone memorizes, I just learned it a couple weeks ago and I can literally sit here and play these songs through in different keys until I find the one that works best for me.....I suggest you do the same....these chords charts are just basic guides and suggestions...use them as such.....
-jeredwards1414 | 1/7/2018
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