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Cory Morrow - Good Intentions (Chord)
Album: Nothing Left To Hide (2005)
Submitter: rab05 (5) on 9/26/05 4 comments
Month Views: 230 | Total Views: 7,043
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Good Intentions
Cory Morrow

Tabbed by Andrew Magness
magness at

G   D    Cadd9  G x2

G               D               Cadd9     G
I've got a fast car, I've got a big house
       Em            C         D/A   D
But my friends won't return my calls
G          D          Cadd9          G
I've got a good wife, and I've got a girlfriend
Em          C                D      G
But now I'm staring at these hotel walls
G  D Cadd9  G
Mmmm mmm mmmm

I'm good at driving and mathematics
Got my money making money all day
I cheat the tax man, and my girlfriend
I tell ya brother cheatin' just don't pay
Mmmm mmm mmm mmmm

Em                C
I was a good kid, with good intensions
G                        D
Did everything that they said I should
C                Em
The road to hell knows me well
C                  D
Now I'm finding it ain't no damn good
G  D  Cadd9  G
Mmmm mmm mmmm mmmm
G  D  Cadd9  G
Mmmm mmm mmmm mmmm

She sold my fast car and took my big house
Married my best friend, man she got it all
As for my girlfriend well she up and left me
Safe and sound behind these hotel walls
Mmmmm mmm mmm mmmm


I'm drinking cold beer with pretty women
Seems I've got a better lease on life
Woke up this morning lying next toooooo,
the younger sister of my ex-wife
Mmmmmm mmmmm mmm mmm mmmm 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great Job. This my favorite song off Cory's new album. Thankx.
God Bless You, Texas,and Its Music!
-swtplayer | 10/7/2005
nice job man viva la texas
-headinjury | 11/8/2005
Great tab. I am having trouble getting the right picking pattern to match the cd. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
-bigal | 1/21/2006
a lot of those D's are B7's and there's a few Am's in there too...
-st08x | 7/26/2008
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