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Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell - Black Caffeine (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (0) on 9/18/17
Month Views: 707 | Total Views: 4,127
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Black Caffeine.
Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell.
Album: Old Yellow Moon.
Capo 3.

ē 	 D7  X32310

Intro: Am x 2 Ė Am C D7 C x 4

Am C D7 C
I like it black, just black as night, 
it keeps me up, it keeps me tight,
It donít matter the size of the cup, 
just as long as you fill it up.

Chorus (1)
Am C D7      Am                             C          
With black caffeine, keeps me lean, you can hear me 
Am              D7      Am
scream, give me black caffeine.

              Am                      G/D Am
Oh Iíve got a monkey sittin on my back, 
Am                                       D Am
How wouldnít you know, he likes it black? 
Donít need no cream, no nicotine, 
D               Am
All that monkey need, is black caffeine.

D7         C  Am                               D7       
More black caffeine, it keeps me lean, you can hear 
    Am              D7      Am                    
him scream, give me black caffeine, 
        D7    Am
Give me black caffeine.

Break: E D C A C D7 Am D Am

Am                                 D7 Am
Iím sound of body, Iím sound of mind, until it comes 
to my coffee time
      D7          Am
Donít stand in my way, donít hold me back, 
Just keep me high, and keep it black.

Chorus (1)

Am                                  D         Am                
The devil said, I want your soul, I want your silver, 
I need your gold,
D            Am                      D         Am
Well you can have anything Iíve got, donít let him in 
my coffee pot.

        D7      Am
For the black caffeine, It keeps me lean, 
        D7   C  Am            
Can you hear me scream? Give me black caffeine, 
     D7      Am
More black caffeine, 
Am                        D7   C  Am           
It keeps me lean, can you hear me scream? 
     D7      Am
More black caffeine, 
     D7      Am      
More black caffeine,  
      D7      Am    E D Am C D7 C Am
Yeah, black caffeine.

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