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Garth Brooks - Belleau Wood (Chord)
Album: Sevens (1997)
Submitter: cntrypicker (3) on 6/7/04 4 comments
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Garth brooks
belleau wood

       D                  D/F#
Oh the snowfakes fell in silence
     Bm      A         D
Over Belleau Wood that night
      G                        D
For a Christmas truce had been declared
   Em7                   A7sus  A7          
By both sides of the fight

       D                D/F#
As we lay there in our trenches
     G               G
The silence broke in two
     G              D 
By a German soldier singing
  A                D      A7
A song that we all knew

         D             D/F#
Though I did not know the language
     Bm        A          D
The song was "Silent Night"
       G              D 
Then I heard my buddy whisper,
         Em7                   A7sus  A7
"All is calm, and all is bright"
          D               D/F#
Then the fear and doubt surrounded me
           G            G
'Cause I'd die if I was wrong
       G             D
But I stood up in my trench
       A            D      
And I began to sing along

     A7sus             A7
Then across the frozen battlefield
G                     D
Another's voice joined in
      G               D
Until one by one each man became 
   Em7             A7sus  A7  A7sus   A7
A singer of the hymn

       D                  D/F#
Then I thought that I was dreaming
    Bm          A     D
For right there in my sight
G                D
Stood the German soldier
Em7                              A7sus  A7
Neath the falling flakes of white
    D                   D/F#  
 he raised his hand and smiled at me
   G               G
As if he seemed to say
       G              D
Here's hoping we both live
          A             D
To see us find a better way

         A7sus                A7
Then the devil's clock struck midnight 
         G           D
And the skies lit up again
        G                 D
And the battlefield where heaven stood
     Em7             A7sus  A7 
Was blown to  hell again

         D             D/F#
But for just one fleeting moment
     G                G
The answer seemed so clear
G             D
Heaven's not beyond the clouds
    Em7              Bm    A     
It's just beyond the fear
   G              D
No Heaven's not beyond the clouds
        Em7      A           D
Its for us to find it here

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great song based on a great story from WWI, if you don't know it the story in 1914 against direct orders from higher ranks to keep fighting British and German soldiers called a truce for Christmas. Soon after German soldiers were heard singing Christmas Carols (Silent Night being the most well known) and soon all the soldiers were singing together in No Man's Land in celebration of Christmas.

-LeoKanes | 12/8/2008
Actually, the Battle of Belleau Wood did occur in 1914, BUT it was in the summer. This event didn't occur until 1918 on the western front between British and German soldiers. From what I understand while there were other battles that kept fighting, both sides tried to call a truce for that one day, and NOT against direct orders.

Either way we could learn alot from that one night even today, in my opinion.
-jhempel24 | 12/19/2008
Beautiful song. More beautiful story. From what I can tell the chords are just right. Too bad we will never see the day when there is no need for any country to even need a military force.
-tpmadden | 3/10/2009
Stupid book I read about this lied to me! lol
-LeoKanes | 3/10/2009
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