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Garth Brooks - Burning Bridges (Chord)
Album: Ropin' the Wind (1991)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 7/20/01 3 comments
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Intro: C C/H Am Am/G C C/H Am  Am/G

Am               G           F                C
Yesterday she thanked me for oiling the front door

     Dm               C                  F            G
This morning when she wakes she won't be thankful anymore

Am                    G                  F               C
She'll never know how much I cared, just that I couldn't stay

         Dm             C            F           G
And I'll never know the reason why I always run away.

        Am       F   G  C
Burning bridges, one by one.

         Am          F  G C
What I'm doing can't be undone

        Am            G                  F                  C
And I'm always hoping someday, I'm gonna stop this running 'round

     Dm                         C   F   Dm  G            C 
But every time the chance comes up, another bridge goes down

Am                      G               F               C
Last night we talked of old times, and families and hometowns

    Dm               C             F                 G
She wondered if we'd both agree on where we'd settle down

Am                       G                     F         C
And I told her that we'd cross that bridge whenever it arrives

    Dm            C                           F            G
But now I see her through the flames standing on the other side

Like ashes on the water I drift away in sorrow

        Dm                               G
Knowing that the day my lesson's finally learned.

        Am                          Am
I'll be standing at a river staring out across tomorrow
        Am                                       Dm            G
And the bridge I'll need to get there, will be a bridge that I have burned 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great song Great job!!!!
-ponyboy65 | 12/26/2004
for some reason i dont think that last part is all the way correct
-bigchas | 1/3/2006
last line of 2nd verse is "now through the flames is see her standing on the other side" just got it mixed up... and the last part is missing something.. other than that i dig it. been jammin it hard
-gorillas68 | 1/30/2009
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