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Garth Brooks - Fit For A King 1 (Chord)
Album: Sevens (1997)
Submitter: petno (1) on 1/29/05 1 comment
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(CAPO 1) 
(INTRO) E5               Bm7
---X---------HIGH E
---X---------THIS IS A E5
-- 0---------LOW E
Verse 1  
His pulpit's a corner on Nineteenth and Main
     A                                      E5
His grip on the Gospel his one claim to fame.

He hurls fire and brimstone at the cars passing by
        A           E               B7         E5    Bm7
and he offers sal---vation for the Sav-ior on high.   

His khakis are tattered and he ain't bathed in weeks
     A                                          E5
his bout with the bot-tle shows up on his cheeks.

He looks like a scare--crow a sight to be-hold
      A             E                     B7             E
as he works for the Shep-herd bring-in' lambs to the fold.
     Bm7          A         E
He points to the Bi ble he holds in his hands
            A                  E         F#7            A
says, " I'm proof that the Good Lord can save an-y man."
Son it ain't what you're drivin' 
         A                E 
or the clothes that you wear
                              A         B7
material possessions won't matter up there.
      E                                     A--HOLD NOTE---------
And some-day in heav-en when the angels all sing
       E                             B7             Bm7     A     E5     Bm7
these rags that I'm wear-in' will be fit for a king.

Verse 2
He's fightin' the fever in spite of the chill,
     A                                         E5
he pulls up his collar and he speaks God's will.

His body is weakened but his faith is still strong,
           A              E                B7           E5    
for he's filled with con--viction for the mission he's on.
    Bm7              A                  E
He knows soon in heav--en He'll be home--less no more,
        A               E             F#7           A
As his work will soon echo from that far distant shore.

Repeat chorus:
E                                          A N.C..HOLD NOTE OUT FOR 3 MEASURES
some-day in heav-en when the ang-els all sing...............................
       E                                    B7          Bm7     A                        E5     
Well, these rags that I'm wear-in' will be fit for a king.         will be fit for a King.

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Good correction! Though I disagree that it's an E5 like you are
showing - it sounds like an Em to me - but the changes are great!

-lmofle | 1/30/2005
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