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Garth Brooks - I Don't Have To Wonder Anymore (Chord)
Album: Sevens (1997)
Submitter: WildCard76 (98) on 9/19/03
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Garth Brooks
(Camp - Dunn)
Album: Sevens
Capital Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
September 19, 2003

Bb+    =  x1x332
E7/G#  =  4x2430
Gmaj9  =  3x4435

Intro:  (D)  (G)  (D)  (G)  (Bm)  (A)  (G)  (Em) 

(D) Drove to the (G) church
(D) In my suit and (G) tie
(D) But I just couldn't (G) bring myself
To (A) go ins(D)ide
So I sat a(G)lone
In my (A) truck across the (Bm) street
Watched that (G) chauffeur smokin' cigarettes
By that (A) long white limousine

(D) I could just im(G)agine
What was (A) goin' on in (Bm) there (G)
Sunlight screamin' through the stained glass
And those (A) flowers in her hair

And in (Bm) less time than it (Bb+) takes a tear to (D) fall (E7/G#)
Those (G) bells rang loud as (D) thunder
As they (G) opened up the (D) doors
Now (G) I don't have to (A) wonder any(D)more

(D) Laughin' and a (G) cryin'
(D) Tossin' that bou(G)quet
(D) And when you got in that (G) limo
I drove (A) off the other (D) way
And I still don't (G) know
Why things (A) happened like they (Bm) did
(G) But I parked that old pickup
On that (A) lonesome river bridge

(D) I took your ring from my (G) pocket
And I (A) held it one last (Bm) time (G)
Watched that diamond sparkle
I drew (A) back and I let her fly

-Steel Guitar Solo-

And in (Bm) less time than it (Bb+) takes to tear to (D) fall (E7/G#)
Oh (G) that old ring went (D) under
Lord, and (G) now it's gone for (D) sure
No and (G) I don't have to (A) wonder any(Bm)more (D)

Well the (G) angels sang like (D) thunder
As I (G) felt myself go (D/F#) under
Now I (G) don't have to wo(A)nder (No Chord) anymore 

(Bm)  (G)  (Bm)  (G)  (Bm)  (Gmaj9)

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