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Garth Brooks - Wrapped Up In You CHORUS (correct) (Chord)
Album: Scarecrow (2001)
Submitter: axehappy (141) on 1/7/02
Month Views: 700 | Total Views: 12,885
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Garth Brooks - Caught Up In You (Chorus chords)

By axehappy - axehappy at

These are the proper chords for the chorus, as best I can make out.
It does sound more like the recording than the chords in the full tab.
Use the previously submitted tab for the rest of the song.

Em        =   022000         Em(maj7)     =   021000  

Em7       =   020000         Em6          =   042000
Am        =   x02210         G            =   320003  

G/A       =   x00003         G/B          =   x20003  

C         =   x32010         Cm           =   x35543

F7        =   131211

Em                          Em(maj7)                    Em7   Em6
Every now and then when the world that we're living in's   crazy,
    Am     C           G  G/A   G/B  C
You gladly hold me and carry    me   through.
Em                         Em(maj7)               Em7         Em6
No-one in the world's ever done what you do for me    and I'd be,
Am      C          G     G/A  G/B  C      Cm     F7
Sad and lonely, if there were no   you........... 
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