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Hal Ketchum - Past The Point Of Rescue (Intro)
Album: Past the Point of Rescue (1991)
Submitter: matellmon (65) on 2/26/02 2 comments
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capo 1st fret

Em  D  A  Em


Em                            D
Last night I dreamed you were back again
C           G           D          Em
Larger than life again, holdin' me tight again
Em                         D
Placein' those same kisses on my brow
C             G       D      Em
Sweeter than ever now Lord I remember how
Couldn't get enough of kissin'
Do you know how much you're missin'
D                   A
No you don't, but I do

Days like a slow train trickle by
Even the words that I write refuse to fly
All that I can hear is your song haunting me
Can't get the melody our of my head, you see
Distractions I've been using
Do you know how much you're losing
D                   A     Em
No you don't, but I do

But I do
                    C                 G
And I wonder if I'm past the point of rescue
C                G
Is no word from you at all
  Em                  D
The best that you can do

I never meant to push or shove you
Do you know how much I love you
No you don't, but I do

I swore I'd never fall like this again
Fools like me never win, came to my knees again
Can't close the door on the likelihood
Things might be just as good, always believed
  they would

Got to let your love invite me
Baby do you think it might be
No you don't, but I do


Ah, no you don't, but I do
Ah, no you don't, but I do
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
good job, sounds good to me and if you want
to play without a capo just play it in Fm.

I will add that the ending chords go -

D Em
Ah, no you don't but I do
D Em
Ah, no you don't but I do

Fade with the intro.

And if you play without a capo it would be -

Em = Fm
D = Eb
A = Bb
C = Db
G = Ab

And in the tab it would be.

0 = 1
2 = 3
3 = 4
13= 12

But you knew that.
-rawood | 3/31/2003
Your intro is just about spot on. One subtle difference would be as follows:

D---2--0--0-h2 and so on.

Other than that it's perfect!
-robotdoc | 5/24/2004
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