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Hank Snow - Broken Dreams (Chord)
Album: The Yodelling Ranger (1936-1947) (1994)
Submitter: Ray Terry (176) on 9/14/08
Month Views: 749 | Total Views: 4,617
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Broken Dreams
Hank Snow

Intro: B7-E

E                            A 
Iím longing for you little darling, 
           B7                           E
For you promised that weíd never would part 
Iíve tried all in vain to forget you, 
         E           B7         E
Thoí forever youíll live in my heart 

        A                       E
Iíd forget evíry tear I have shed dear 
For you evíry day thatís gone by 
        E                         A 
Iíd forgive evíry heartache you caused me 
      E             B7          E
And each time that you made me cry. 
E                            A
As shadows of night steal around me 
         B7                        E
And the pale moon in heaven turns blue 
With tears in my eyes I am longing 
         E              B7         E
For the days when our romance was new. 

      A                      E 
They say you will soon wed another 
But darling Iíll wait till the end 
     E                          A
And hope that someday youíll return dear 
      E         B7        E
And start life all over again. 
E                                  A
The plans that we made have been broken 
     B7                  E
A garden, a cottage for two, 
Golden curls in a cradle of rosewood 
      E                B7        E
Are dreams that will never come true. 

    A                           E
Although you have gone and Iím weary 
And life is a failure it seems, 
         E                          A
Though sweetheart thereís one consolation 
           E                B7       E
Youíll be mine though itís only in dreams.

Ending: E-A-B7-E
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