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Hank Snow - I Traded My Saddle For A Rifle (Chord)
Album: The Yodelling Ranger (1936-1947) (1994)
Submitter: GMWNS (4) on 3/16/06
Month Views: 10 | Total Views: 2,520
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I Traded My Saddle For a Rifle - Recorded by Hank Snow
Album: The Yodeling Ranger
Interpreted by Gary Willett (16Mar 2006) Gmwns at

Intro Guitar strums (C)(G)(C)

(C) I traded my saddle for a (F) rifle, and (C) left to join that troubled (G) shore
I (C) hung my guitar in the (F)attic, and (C) laid a-(G)-way my forty (C) four
I told the old folks I must (F) leave them, I (C) bid them all a fond fare-(G)-well
I (C) left my faithful pony (F) grazing, in (C) clover (G) by the old cor-(C)-ral

I (F) traded my saddle for a (C) rifle
So kiss me darling we must (G) part
But (C) when we've won this final (F) victory
I'll (C) trade my (G) rifle for your (C) heart

Instrumental  on recording it sounds like a Hawaiian slide guitar
(C)///   (F)///    (C)// / /  (G)/  /
(C)// /   (F)///   (C)///   (G)//   (C)/

I told my mother not to (F) worry, I (C) said that I'd return some-(G)-day
I (C) bent and kissed her wrinkled (F) forehead, then (C) turned and (G) sadly walked a-(C)-way
The stars are growing dim my (F) darling, they (C) say my ship will sail at (G) dawn
So (C) whisper softly that you (F) love me, just (C) two more (G) hours and I'll be (C) gone

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental  Same as instrumental above

Repeat Chorus

Yodel to end song  (C) oh di lidy oh (G) di lidy oh di di di (C) lidy
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